Gojek as An Umbrella Solution for Daily needs

Gojek came into the existence in the year of 2015 for the Indonesian users resolving GoRide (Ride-sharing), on-demand payment (GFoPay) GoMart (Shopping services). Gojek thrives on the approach of buy from anywhere and anything. Users can order from medical shops, pet stores, supermarkets, kid’s shops & many more. Later, it also involved services & products across various sectors that contain GoFood merchants.

Gojek service offers

Gojek offers end-to-end transportation for users in Jakarta who can take an Gojek or motorcycle taxi in order to carry out the passengers over very short distances in a city. Ride-hailing and uber clone such as Grab & Uber are available but it seems that these services are very expensive & slower than Ojeks. Ojeks are privately owned taxis or motorbikes that are run by people who are most aware of their destinations. Along with it, passengers can haggle with the Ojek drivers over the fare that can range from rupiah 5000-10000 for short trips. The continuous struggle for passengers & drivers to wear helmets, stop at red lights provide alternative routes to reach out to the correct destination.

  • Deliveries: Grocery, food. Alcohol, flower, general, couriers, and grocery deliveries. 
  • Ride: Car rental, helicopter ride, boat rental, packers & movers, Taxi rental, motor rental, boat ride, motor ride.
  • Other services: Computer repair, Insurance agent, handy-man, stationary delivery, sanitization services, sofa repair, interior design, translator, catering, house cleaning, laundry, travel agent, Vet, Massage, Car wash, Carpet Repair, and many more.

Gojek clone app features

Gojek as An Umbrella Solution for Daily needs

1. Service provider app

Sign in, management of profile, accept & reject requests, radius, Link bank accounts, service history, user feedback, upload documents and images, availability of toggle, set service radius, earning details, GPS-enables navigation, accept various requests.

2. Kiosk App

Select type of taxi, live tracking, rides booking, estimation of time & cost.

3. Store app

Categories & subcategories, orders management, orders tracking, customer support, store profile, a minimum value of the order, instant notifications, look up for earnings

4. Admin panel

Users management, store management, cut-down commission, help, analytics & reports, intuitive dashboard, toggle mode, offers & discounts, look up for ratings & reviews, management of service provider. 

5. User app

Login, book now or later, various modes of payments, take away, history of bookings and orders, referrals, nearby personnel services, in-app chat, contactless delivery, SOS button.

The business model of Gojek: How do Gojek drives earn?

Gojek as An Umbrella Solution for Daily needs

Gojeck with individual work of drivers, delivery partners on two primary plans of a business – model of buyer pick & model of supplier pick. 

Model of supplier pick

As per the ride requests of the users, all nearby service providers get notified. The ones along with the high ratings or with the pre-defined criteria are mainly aligned as to the service request. Once the delivery partner accepts the customer request receives the ETA details. 

Model of buyer pick

This model is also defined as a model of the double commit where the buyers can fill in various details & requests of services. Buyers can interact with various service providers as per the requirements and service providers can accept or reject the buyer requests.

Advanced features of multi-service apps

Gojek as An Umbrella Solution for Daily needs

1. In-app wallet – To permit instant and regular payments.

2. Corporate trips – New business solution for travel service, expand carbon-conscious commitment & offer latest features.

3. Promo Code – To permit the various offers & discounts.

4. Schedule bookings – Require the scheduled commute to a daily or routine time.

5. Estimator of trip rate – To calculate the overall and precise fare of a taxi. 

6. Schedule Bookings – To calculate the overall time from the pick-up point to the point of destination.

7. In-app chat user or service provider – To permit the service provider to chat along with the customers once they accept the order.

8. Admin responsibilities & roles – To permit the admins in order to allocate the particular access to the sub-admins. 

9. Fleet management – To let down the admins in order to manage the overall taxi journey.

10. Dispute management – To settle down the users or customers dispute with service providers & drivers.

11. Invite & Earn – To permit the service providers & users in order to share the invite codes & earn the money upon successful registration. 

12. Availability Options – To enable the users in order to check out the driver’s availability in the specific vicinity.

13. In-app support – To avail of the supportive assistance through in-app chat, mail & call.

14. Geo-Fencing – To locate the delivery people, all the customers, and drivers people. 15. Billing Admin Panel – To get the monthly receipt for the service providers and drivers in order to track the earnings.

How much does a Gojek Delivery partner earn?

The revenue amount mainly depends on the mileage, the ride number completed & the accomplished bonus. Gojek seems to be very easy to access. The prices seem to be very negotiable & cheaper than the ride-hailing services or the Uber platforms. They can combine the subsidy programs & split out the business lines that can serve the large customers.

Gojek has a function of multi-destination that allows the users or drivers to stop at different locations are market with the trip planning flexibility.

Technology stack

Gojek mainly runs on Android Wear SDK, comodo SSL, Fabric, Laravel, New Relic, Realm, Java, JRuby, Google, Crashlytics, Bootstrap, HTML5, Select2, and many more.

Peripheral technologies include:

  • Square, Google wallet for the fiancé 
  • Mailchimp, Mailgun, mandrill for marketing
  • Customer support Zendesk
  • Google Fit SDK, Productivity drive, G Suite
  • Yahoo analytics. Google analytics and mixpanel analytics

In nutshell

Gojek as An Umbrella Solution for Daily needs

Gojek in one app does many things for the users. Gojek is Southeast Asia’s on-demand leading company, a multi-service platform of technology that offers multiple services & facilities access such as food delivery, payment making, logistics, transport, taxi booking, and many more. We, at Mtoag, pack the security of mobile apps and websites provided by our businesses. You may also use your logo & brands in the applications. Mtoag follows the policy of non-disclosure in everything we create. Our application development designs are very responsive, bug-free, reliable, or user friendly. So, get in touch with us for your further queries.

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