Gogopdf: Brief Guide On The Free Online PDF Software

Finding reliable software has become an essential part of handling too many PDF documents, whether it be for work, business, or school. It would be best if you first considered its safety and efficiency, which are both in Gogopdf. You can access this website for easy and fast modification of your files.

Surprisingly, Gogopdf features over twenty tools that you can use for free! There is so much that you can do with Gogopdf, such as converting, merging, repairing, splitting, or compressing a file. From there, check out this information about Gogopdf and its free tools.

The best fact about this tool is that it doesn’t only accept PDFs but also other file formats like JPG, PPT, Word, and more!

What is Gogopdf?

The Gogopdf is a web-based free PDF site. Indeed, it works offline but allows limited actions on the site. This online tool allows its valued users to modify PDF documents easily. So, a Word convert to PDF is possible with Gogopdf. 

From there, you may convert anywhere using your smartphone, PC, or laptop that has a stable internet connection. Besides, it’s web-based software. Therefore, you no longer need to install multiple applications to fix a PDF problem. 

That not all! In terms of accessibility, Gogopdf supports all operating systems, enabling you to avail of all tools anywhere and anytime. By Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac platforms, you can convert any file you want with Gogopdf. Converter tool allows file formats, such as Word, PPT, Excel, JPG, PNG, and HTML. 

Things You Can Do with Gogopdf

In this single website, Gogopdf offers you a complete set of tools that you can use to fix your PDF file. A converter tool is only one of the many, which has many uses as well. If you don’t trust other PDF sites, you can trust them to Gogopdf. Your files will not be put at risk since Gogopdf uses smart technology to protect your files from unauthorized users.

Moreover, to start using the software, check out below what are the tools you can freely use. 

1. PDF to Word converter

PDF files are compact and tamper-proof; the reason why most people prefer this format. But sometimes, you might need to change or add something to the content. The best way to do that is to convert your PDF into an editable Word file. 

To start converting, please follow these quick steps:

  • Step 1. Upload your PDF file on their server by clicking “Select Files” or utilizing the “Drag and Drop” features. 
  • Step 2. As soon as you upload a file, tap on the “Convert” button. 
  • Step 3. The conversion should take a minute. All you have to do is wait for it to finish. 
  • Step 4. Lastly, after a few seconds, your file can be downloaded to your newly formatted Word document file.

2. PDF to JPG converter

Gogopdf is a trusted tool that turns your PDF files into a quality image or JPG file. As mentioned above, Gogopdf supports conversion to any file format, including JPG. With Gogopdf, you can convert files like a pro. Through smart technology, the image you are going to receive is guaranteed to be of the best quality. 

3. PDF to Excel converter

Saving documents as a PDF file is definitely ideal for keeping more space in your device’s storage or hard disk. However, if you handle documents like sales inventory, student grades, and financial reports, it would be best to organize them in a spreadsheet to move and edit the contents, unlike PDF. Microsoft Excel is a better format for these files.

Now, if you already have the PDF file from your teacher or boss, you can employ Gogopdf to help you work on that. Thankfully, its converter tool supports all file formats, which means you can safely turn your PDF to Excel in no time.

4. Repair PDF by Gogopdf

Corrupted or damaged PDF files may be due to malware or viruses that have infected your device or the file itself. This could be a very complicated instance for you. Luckily, you have got Gogopdf to the rescue. This tool will try to recover your corrupted files back to their original workable form. 

Gogopdf Pro Version

Gogopdf is a generous software that offers free web tools for all. On top of that, Gogopdf also lets you try out their PRO version for two weeks! This PRO version comes with many more benefits that include unlimited access to all of its tools and removes annoying ads during your subscription. 

You also get prioritized with customer assistance for technical issues and finally lets you save more time by enabling you to modify multiple files at a time. 


Indeed, Gogopdf is the most convenient PDF site for anyone wanting to repair or even convert PDF files. This tool lets you save more money and time for work and cuts your burden with PDF files. 

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