Glans so sensitive you can’t even touch? These 7 things can come to your rescue ( Phimosis)

About 1% of the world’s male population suffers from phimosis. Phimosis is a condition where the penis’ foreskin so tight that it can’t slide down to the glans and creates problem in sex, masturbation and sometimes peeing.

Most men who have phimosis, also suffer from over-sensitive glans, and this is quite natural since the glans haven’t been exposed to air, water or touch.

Normally, circumcision is recommended as a phimosis treatment to men with phimosis, but this comes with it’s own challenges. Phimosis rings, stretching exercises, and stretching using stretcher tools seem to have promising results compared to circumcision, but that’s a different debate altogether.

If you identify with the symptoms given below, you are assured that you have overly-sensitive glans and this article is written exactly for people like you.

  1. You have never seen your glans (completely)
  2. Your glans is extremely sensitive to touch.
  3. It hurts when you try to touch your glans.
  4. If you try to touch your glans with a water stream or a towel, you get a shock down there.

Well, if you have identified yourself as someone who has overly sensitive glans, then read on.


Here are a few things you can do for sensitive glans:

The primary logic here is to expose your glans to air, water, and touch as much and as frequently as possible. This can be done by following methods:

  1. Warm water when applied to foreskin helps to loosen the foreskin and also is safe for glans. Bring glans in contact with warm water.
  1. Using a showerhead, force the stream of water into your glans. Let the water stream hit your glans until you feel uncomfortable or feel pain. Make sure that the water pressure is suited to your comfort.
  1. To prepare your glans for contact with skin (vagina) we need to start with hand touch. Try touching your glans after applying lubricant over glans, shaft ad your hands, including fingers. Use the index finger to softly touch the glans. Gradually use your thumb and other fingers too. Be careful to not hurt yourself. It will take time to reduce sensitivity.
  1. Castor oil is a great aid to reduce sensitivity of your glans. Castor oil creates a viscous and fat layer over glans and thereby reduces its sensitivity. Apply castor oil over your fingers, hands and on foreskin, shaft and most importantly glans. Try touching the glans now.
  1. The right masturbation technique can help you a lot here. When you masturbate, maintain a grip so that you pull the phimotic band (the tightest part of foreskin) and expose your glans as much as comfortably possible. Keep the glans open and exposed to air. Repeat 40-50 times in one sitting.
  1. While masturbating, use natural lubricant such as extra virgin coconut oil, castor oil (virgin or extra virgin) and do the job as mentioned above, but while you are in motion, try to touch the glans with the edge of your thumb, even if it is for a second. Do this repeatedly and you’ll notice that in 3rd or 4th sitting, you can easily touch the glans (at least while masturbating).
  1. We’ve saved the best for the last, using phimosis rings can help your glans come in contact with air, water, and touch. It is literally the best of all worlds. When you wear a phimosis ring on foreskin, you end up exposing it to air, and also water (when you pee), and touch (because the ring touches your glans).

These 7 methods are the best methods that are available to effectively reduce sensitivity of your glans and also help in phimosis Cure and treatment.

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