Gifts Your Man Will Love This Holiday Season

With Christmas just around the corner, it is never too early to start thinking about what to get the people you care about the most.

But when it comes to that special man in your life, we don’t blame you if you feel completely lost! Men are always hard to shop for, even if they are your soulmate!

There are the cliché gifts that every man loves, but how do you get them something that is personalized and comes from the heart? Well, that is why we want to help.

We understand that you want to get the man you love something that he is eqjually going to love this holiday season. To help you narrow down your options to something that you can purchase and wrap confidently, we’ve gathered up the top gift ideas based on the type of man you are with.

From the outdoorsman to the man who is a serious foodie, here are some gift ideas that you simply can’t go wrong with—regardless of what your budget is!

For the Man Who Loves Nature

If your man is someone who is always wanting to get outside and hike up mountains, then you should consider getting him Rugged Jackets for Every Occasion. These jackets are designed to be lightweight yet fully capable of keeping them warm and protected from the various weather conditions they are sure to face. The. Best rugged jackets for the outdoors come with an optional hood to protect them from the rain and a pocket that the jacket can easily be rolled up into for packing purposes. For men who love nature, the things to look for in their rugged jacket include ensuring it is windproof, lightweight, there are multiple storage pockets and have protected elbows. He’ll love the fact that you support his outdoor adventures and think of you whenever he goes off for his time in the woods!

For the Man Who Looks After Himself

Men are just as vain as us women and want to look their best too. This means that they also need a great skincare routine to enact daily so that their natural skin radiates and looks healthy and hydrated. But men also don’t want to fuss around with a bunch of different skincare products. That is why you should instead gift them with uncomplicated skin care for men. You will be able to help them stock up on all the essentials for a quick and easy daily routine, which should include products like deodorant, body wash, face scrub, face mask, face moisturizer and eye cream. With products formulated to take effective action, their routine with these products should take no more than five minutes per day, unless they are using a face mask—which then adds on only fifteen more minutes! Your man will love having flawless skin and you will equally benefit from his youthful glow!

For the Man with a Serious Sweet Tooth

If your man loves the sweet stuff, then why not mix up the gifts and make it an edible one? Gifting one of Porto’s Bakery cakes is a great way to impress him and his tastebuds. The best ones are the sponge cakes soaked in Tres Leches and garnished with berries and whipped cream. All you have to do for this gift is order it at least 24 hours before you want to gift it and allow one full day for it to thaw. This is also a perfect last-minute gift for any man in case you waited too late to find another gift. The added bonus of gifting his sweet tooth is that you get to also share in the deliciousness of the gift as well!

For the Man that Loves Music

If your man is really into his record player, why not get him the rolling stones vinyl records? When you get the Tattoo You vinyl record, you are gifting him the ability to celebrate four decades of a masterpiece, with hits like “Living In The Heart Of Love”. The vinyl records come in a really cool gatefold sleep and with two double-sided records, meaning he will have hours of listening pleasure from this gift. Plus, he will really love that you love his music taste, even if you aren’t a hardcore rock and roll girl yourself.

For the Man Who Loves Cocktails

If your man is into booze, then we definitely suggest gifting him the trendiest spirit right now, mezcal. Made with agave and water, this all-natural spirit is distilled from the heart of Mexico and is the next step up from tequila. With simple ingredients, the spirit is also vegan, zero carbs and completely plant-based—also leaving a carbon-neutral footprint on the environment. This gift will be something the two of you can enjoy one Sunday afternoon under the sun alongside some freshly made guacamole and tortilla chips. And a few sips in the two of you will likely be having your own dance party as well! This sophisticated spirit can also be used to help the man you love to upgrade his cocktails and serve pours that really impress his social circle—all thanks to you!

For the Man That Loves Technology

If your man loves his iPad or tablet and has a soft spot for useful gadgets, then you can’t go wrong when gifting the hanging tablet holder. This adjustable and magnetic gadget comes with a magnetic mount that can attach to the ceiling, allowing the table to hang right before you with no hands needed! This gadget also makes it much easier to get work done or enjoy movie nights. It is also practical when trying to follow along with certain exercise videos or cooking tutorials. With so much to benefit from this one genius gadget, your man will love how thoughtful your gift is and how practical it is as well!

For the Man That Loves Shoes

If your man is into his sneakers, then look no further than gifting him a pair of the trendy

Allbirds. These shoes are taking the world by storm, where the wool fabric provides a sustainable and practical solution for shoes, with an added side bonus of style! From the weekend cozy shoe to the practical running shoe, your man will love these new kicks that were designed all the way in New Zealand, As an earth-friendly and run-ready shoe option, they will likely be his new favorite pair for a long time, so luckily they are designed to be quite durable as well!

For the Man That Loves Food

If your man loves a good feed, then gifting him Omaha Steaks is a great way to go! They will love the meat packs full of butcher favorites, bacon-themed dishes and all-beef protein packs that make their week-long menu tastier than ever. With premium meat to enjoy every single day of the week, your man will be in seventh heaven with this gift and savoring it for quite a while. Plus, you will get to benefit from some tasty meals with your man as well, if he decides to share!

Shopping for the man you love this holiday season doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. With options for every type of personality, you are sure to find him something that he loves.

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