Tips to Get Reliable Respondents for Your Survey

About 15 years ago, most researchers knew little about conducting surveys online. Nearly all interviews were completed on paper and pencil, phone, or face-to-face. But today, many researchers know much more about conducting online research and interviews. The advent of technology and the internet have made it easier for researchers to conduct online surveys, which is why you should learn a thing or two about choosing the right survey respondents.

There is nothing more frustrating compared to spending a lot of time and energy on a survey or research project only to realize that all your survey respondents do not qualify for the specific survey you are carrying out. Yet, many researchers tend to overlook the importance of getting the right respondents to a specific survey. In this article, you will learn different tips to figure out how many survey respondents do you need and how to know for certain. You will also learn how to get such reliable. 

Specify the right target group

An important factor to consider when choosing the right respondents for your online survey is to target the right group of consumers or respondents. This way, you can be assured of a higher response rate because you will have chosen the right target audience. Keep in mind that it is only an appropriate audience that can produce reliable and valuable information about your research or survey subject. Targeting the wrong audience of respondents is likely to do our survey redundant.

Figure out the correct balance of your target respondents

In addition to finding the correct respondents for your online survey, you should get the right balance of the survey respondents or takers for the success of your research or survey. You must pay attention to demographic segmentation as this will give you reliable, representative data. Consider the percentage of female and male respondents or the percentage of adults to teenagers based on your survey requirements.

Send timely email campaigns.

Suppose you have a list of contacts that have willingly opted in to get emails from you. In this case, you can send your survey or question as to them. Keep in mind that you should send a sample that represents the population and not everyone in your contact list. This way, you can get timely and relevant results.

Use social media platforms.

It is possible to share your survey link on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks where your target audience visits. This is the most affordable and the quickest way to gain many responses, particularly if you target the right time. Remember to add screening questions to your research or survey to ensure that you get the right audience.

Take advantage of your website traffic.

According to many researchers, organic web traffic is a suitable and viable method to connect with survey respondents. Based on the nature of the study, you can host a survey invitation on your official website home page and let potential survey respondents choose whether they qualify to take your survey. 

Keep in mind that you cannot use this method, particularly if your topic is niche. But if you’re still interested in broad and more approachable, topics there is a good chance a random visitor to your official site can provide the feedback necessary to offer you insights.

Use online community networks.

There are many online community platforms such as Craigslist, Reddit, QuestionPro Communities, Ethnio, and more. These platforms are an excellent way to get responses from your target audience for an online survey. Currently, there are millions of internet users spending a lot of time on community platforms and social media networks. All you need to do is design your survey questions carefully and share them with the right communities.

Use existing clients

One thing most researchers don’t know is that existing clients are excellent at offering feedback on upgrades or new features of existing services or products. This is because they already have experience of using your products or services. Keep in mind that this approach may not work for some researchers, particularly if they do not provide direct services or products to the consumers.

Online panel vendors are an excellent option too.

Various panel providers provide services related to survey respondents. Panel recruitment vendors are helpful when it comes to accessing qualified survey respondents, but their prices could be high. In case you do not have much time to look for the right respondents to your online survey, it makes sense to get in touch with some of the most reputable panel providers online.

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