How Can I Get My House Ready to Sell?

When it comes to selling a house, there’s a lot that you as a homeowner can do to secure the best sale possible. The average house sale takes over 6 months, which is an incredibly long time to wait, especially if you’re relying on moving faster than that – so have a look at our top tips to speeding up your sale!


Staging a home makes a huge difference when you’re looking to sell, as it makes your house look much more appealing. The best option is to stage before you have your advertising photos taken, as this will mean that you get more interest from your online listing which will inevitably end in selling faster.

A great way to stage is to focus on your audience and make your home as perfect as possible for the sort of buyer you’re looking for. If you’re selling a family home, you can focus on a playroom or the garden, for example, highlighting why these spaces will benefit the buyer and make living in your house the best choice.

For flats or smaller homes, you’re likely going to aim for young professionals or first-time buyers, so you can look at drawing attention to office space, or why the surrounding area is so popular. Make sure that before your viewings you spend some time staging the house, so it looks clean, comfortable, and inviting to anyone seeing it for the first time.

Kerb appeal

Kerb appeal refers to the attractiveness of a house from the outside, and while it often gets disregarded, it’s a very important part of the selling process. A home that looks off-putting from the exterior will result in you losing potential buyers, with over half of property viewers being put off a property by the outside before they’ve seen the interior.

There are plenty of easy ways that you can increase your kerb appeal, and this will not only make your house look more attractive when people come to visit, it can generate interest in passers-by rather than relying on an online listing to get viewings. You can –

  • Repaint your front door
  • Cut any grass or hedges
  • Remove anything that doesn’t need to be there
  • Add some colour with potted plants
  • Clean the driveway

These changes won’t take you long but will be incredibly noticeable and will gain more interest, increasing the chances of a speedy sale.

Assess asking price

Some homeowners put their property on the market and can go weeks, or even months, with little to no interest. At this point, it can feel like you’re never going to sell – but there are still things that you can do to help. A big reason that houses don’t get any interest is due to the asking price either being too high or too low.

If your asking price is too high

It will put buyers off as they’ll be able to see very quickly that there are other houses on the market that offer the same as you but for a lower price. This mistake is often made and can result in a huge loss of interest, especially if there are a lot of houses similar to yours in your area up for sale.

If your asking price is too low

The phrase ‘it’s too good to be true’ is one we’ve all heard of, and is incredibly relevant here. If your house is priced much lower than a buyer would expect, their first thought is usually that there’s something wrong with the property and that it’s reflected in the price. Some will think damp, others subsidence – all big things that put the majority of buyers off.

When you set your asking price, your agent should help you decide, but it’s best to get a few different valuations so you can make sure that they’re all within a similar range and that you’re picking the right one.


Most homes will benefit from some redecorating, and especially for homeowners who have been asking “how can I sell my house fast?”, this is the way forward. You may hear the word redecorate and be put off by the thoughts of a huge bill, but a lot of the time, there’s plenty of ways that you can redecorate your house on a budget and still have the place looking beautiful.

Repainting the walls will make a room look drastically different, even if it’s just topping up the colour that’s already there. You don’t tend to notice scuffs and marks on a wall in a room until you’ve painted one of them, and then the other walls look poor in comparison. It’s best to stick to neutral décor when you decorate to sell, as this provides a blank canvas for your potential buyers to imagine their own furniture in the house.

Buyers are generally looking at several houses at once and will pick up on the smallest things to strike a property off their list, so sticking to those neutral colours avoids them being put off yours because of a colour preference.

There are plenty of ways that you can speed up your house sale, and you can use these to see what changes you can make to your property to increase interest and help get things moving at a faster pace.

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