Why Are Gen Z Women the Largest Growing Cannabis Consumers?

It is not a hidden fact that Generation Z is one of the leading consumers of almost everything on the internet. Born between the mid 1990s and the 2010s, this generation grew alongside the internet. They were exposed to things that the generations preceding them didn’t have the chance to explore. The Internet became their one friend they never particularly liked but gradually grew fond of. 

They search about everything which is why they become such active consumers of, well almost everything. From the latest technology to the best cosmetic product, from the most luxurious cars to cannabis as a form of medicinal therapy; they read about it, they try it out and they become active consumers. 

Women, Gen Z women in particular, are more proactive than any other gender. They are the Christopher Columbuses of this world today. They know that to find something good, they must explore everything good around. Now that we have alluded to both cannabis and gen Z women, let us finally get down to actually discussing our topic of choice. 

How and Why Are Gen Z Women Leading Cannabis Consumers?

Cannabis is being consumed heavily. This is no secret. But what is truly surprising is that Gen Z women are the leading population that are doing so. Is there any particular reasoning to it? 

The discovery and use of cannabis has gradually spread from one user to another. NBC News was first to point out that Generation Z women are leading the race of cannabis consumers in the world today. This has instigated a much needed discussion to actually find out whether this is the truth. 

What this article was all about was a survey that recorded the responses of many young women who are on the cusp of adulthood mainly between the ages of 19 and early 20s. These young women were found to be eager to adopt a rather natural form of treatment of severe disorders. Many of the health conditions like Cancer, Epilepsy, Alzeimeir’s, and other lifestyle diseases, are being actively treated with the help of cannabis, by this population the most. 

With that it was also determined that these women are always quite open to promoting health and wellness in the most holistic way possible. They are using these 420 solutions infused into many delicious formulations to curate a proper healthy schedule of their medication dosage. Special cannabinoids like CBD and THC, of course within the legal limit, are being crafted with extremely careful considerations to ensure that the Gen Z women are easily able to consume them for personal wellness. CBD creams, bath bombs, colorful gummies, shots and many other products are always leading the market due to how popular they are among this population.  

Is This Good News or Not? 

Consuming marijuana is something that seems inescapable for the young Gen Z population. Surrounded on all sides by products infused with the goodness of cannabis and its derivatives, you would have to live under a rock to not be aware of them. It is then considered quite a healthy thing that these women are involved in actively seeking information about cannabis and then instantly implementing them by making use of it in the right way. As marijuana seeds have grown in popularity, more and more people grow their own. For those who want to grow their marijuana, selecting the best online marijuana seed bank that ships internationally and to your location is essential.

The good part is that they are not consuming it for the sake of it but actually doing their research and putting in the work to understand everything that surrounds it. If they are consuming it for treating their health issues, they are aware they need to have a medical marijuana card online. This reflects a safe and sound approach of this population towards this process.

What Are the Advertisers and Manufacturers Doing About This?

As Generation Z women are the largest consumers, the advertisers and manufacturers are also focusing on making the most profit out of this information. They are conducting surveys to find out which products this population is heavily buying and which ones they’re not. And then they are coming out with products that are most suitable for this particular population and seem appealing enough to them. 

In one of these surveys, it was found out that Gen Z women are more inclined towards acquiring cannabis buds and flowers than any other cannabis products. In fact they were in particular found to be more partial towards smoking pre-rolls. Pre-rolls are joint blunts that contain the goodness of cannabis rolled up into the most perfect roll. These ready to smoke blunt joints are quite convenient and affordable for the Gen Z women. Which is why they are being sold like hotcakes and the manufacturers are producing them and selling them in such large amounts. 


At present Gen Z women may be the largest population using cannabis but there are many others that are catching up to them. Surprisingly the millennials are not that far behind their modern kids. Let’s wait and see what the future holds for the cannabis industry and which generation will overtake Gen Z women to become the largest cannabis consumer population. 

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