Gamma: A Graphene-Infused Tech-Powered Jacket

When you mention technology, the first thing that pops to mind is probably your smartphone or computer. Rarely would you associate it with clothes, but this is about to change.

Wear Graphene, a team of scientists and designers developed a graphene-infused jacket called Gamma. It derives its features from one of the strongest materials on earth and cutting-edge technology. Here are the main highlights of this innovative product.

Smart Insulation and Heat Regulation

Traditional clothing insulation depends on standard wear that falls short in providing enough heat during low temperatures. In contrast, Gamma relies on graphene’s inherent thermal properties and works as a second skin. The jacket moves heat using a latticed structure to evenly distribute it to your upper body. If your chest or back is warmer, some of the heat will be transferred to colder parts of the body, such as the neck or arms.

gamma jacket

In addition, the insulation is just as robust during the summer. When it’s too hot outside, the garment wicks moisture and expels heat through permeable pores to provide much-needed cooling.

Integrated Heaters

The jacket doesn’t only use graphene to provide enough warmth. There are also three heating elements built into the textile. These components run on a power bank, and you can activate them by pushing a button. They do a great job maintaining warmth during freezing weather.

Once enabled, the heaters raise the jacket’s temperature up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in under 30 seconds, keeping you warm in sub-zero conditions. The heating system also features three adjustable temperature settings. You can cycle through each one using the button and activate them according to the weather.

The manufacturers also considered safety when installing the heaters. With graphene’s thermoregulating properties, the jacket never ignites or overheats while the elements are active.

Excellent Breathability and UV Protection

Regular winter coats and rain jackets can keep you warm in low temperatures. However, they often trigger sticky, sweaty feelings after prolonged use.

By contrast, Gamma expels heat and doesn’t allow cold air to enter and produce condensation. The garment pulls moisture and heat from your body and releases them into the air to ensure breathability and a refreshing feeling.

The jacket is also equipped with robust anti-UV ray properties. They prevent harmful particles from penetrating the surface and causing burns or other skin damage associated with prolonged sunlight exposure. The model is UV-proof to protect you and help keep you cool during sunny days.

Anti-Odor, Hypoallergenic, and Non-Hazardous

Graphene is an anti-odor material, which prevents any unpleasant smells from developing on the jacket. Using ionic conduction, graphene detects and neutralizes sweat by eliminating odor-causing microbes.

Tech Powered Jacket gamma

The jacket also resists various allergens, including dust mites and pollen. Plus, it’s completely natural, free from toxic materials, and suitable for people with skin conditions.

First-Class Durability and Weather Resistance

Graphene is one of the sturdiest materials in the world, and it’s even stronger than diamonds. It ensures the jacket can resist virtually any form of damage, including scratching, tearing, abrasion, and punctures from knives. Consequently, you can wear the model in the harshest conditions and traverse rugged terrains without worrying about potential harm.

Best of all, the jacket retains its strength and good looks even after heavy use. It remains scruff and tear-free for many years, allowing you to take on new challenges without purchasing bulkier clothing.

Another reason why you can wear Gamma in all climates is its wind resistance and waterproof exterior. It protects you from high winds of up to 50 miles per hour and keeps you dry even if you’re stuck in monsoons or snowstorms.

Multifunctional Design

Gamma features 10 pockets to give you ample storage while traveling. Apart from front and arm pockets, there are also hidden compartments to hide crucial belongings, such as money and IDs. Accordingly, there’s no need to carry bulky bags for your documents only. The pocket system serves various purposes:

  • Inner chest pocket – storing your power bank and phone
  • Inner pocket with buttons – glasses and passport
  • Chest pocket – earphones and AirPods
  • Sleeve pocket – transport card
  • Hidden left arm pocket – Swiss army knives and lighters
  • Front pocket – keys and wallet

All the zippers are water-resistant to add extra protection.

Moreover, the jacket comes with retractable sleeve cuffs, hood drawstrings, and fingerless gloves. They protect you from inclement weather without inhibiting movement.

Lightweight and Machine-Washable

Although heavy jackets with puffy layers are welcome in freezing weather, they’re not travel-friendly. They take up too much space in your travel bag, and washing them can be complicated.

Conversely, Gamma is the perfect travel companion, as it’s made of one of the lightest and thinnest materials on the planet. Graphene is just one atom thick, making the garment highly flexible. You can fold, store, pack, or shove it in your satchel or backpack and leave plenty of room for other items. Weighing only around one pound, it’s just as light as an average hoodie, making it ideal for minimalist travelers.

Furthermore, the jacket is 100% machine washable. You can put it in your washing machine with other clothes, and there will be no risk of damage.

Tech Powered Jacket

Remarkably Stylish

Besides a durable and hi-tech design, Gamma also looks cool. It resembles a sporty softshell model and is tapered to slim the waist. It broadens the shoulders for men and softens them for women.

Gamma isn’t only meant for sports, either. It can substitute for nearly any other jacket in your wardrobe and looks fantastic for every occasion. It works as a windbreaker, winter coat, and you can even wear it when going out or working. Its sharp trim and black color are polished and professional.

Gamma Redefines Techwear

Gamma proves that technology can make everything better, clothing included. With advanced thermoregulating and insulation, the jacket helps you maintain an optimal temperature in nearly any condition. Plus, the exceptional durability and resistance to the elements allow the wearer to take on the harshest terrains. Considering the fantastic looks, it’s hard to find another jacket with equal flexibility.

Check out the men’s and women’s designs and pre-order your GAMMA at

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