FSSAI License Requirement for Exporters of Organic and Non-Organic Food

Since independence, India has been the biggest exporter of food grains to the international market. In India, exporters of food products need to have an FSSAI export license to export food items to any other country. Based on the profitability of exporting food products, everyone has applied for the FSSAI certificate.

Significance of FSSAI license/registration

Countries allow food products with standard certification of FSSAI. After that product was deemed safer and fir for human consumption by FSSAI as preferred by importers. Therefore, exporters need to meet the guidelines of the FSSAI and the standard laid down by them.

Export of substandard or unsafe food items affects the health of the importing nation and the global image of India as an exporter of food products. Moreover, it could involve two countries’ relations and may further halt future collaborations. Therefore, getting the food license in Delhi online has been made compulsory for everyone dealing in food products in any form.

Labeling requirement of organic and non-organic food exporters for FSSAI license

To make the food item acceptable globally, ensure that the packets have sufficient information as the international market standards. The exporter’s food items packaging need to highlight information below:

  • Batch and code number
  • User guidelines
  • The name of the exporter with the complete address
  • The volume of the content/net weight
  • Expiry date with best before
  • Date of manufacturing and packaging
  • Country of origin for imported products
  • Declaration related to food additives
  • Name of the constitutions
  • Precise information of vegetarian and non-vegetarian content
  • Product description
  • Information of nutritional value and facts

The entity involved in exporting food items outside the country needs to meet with the labeling as mentioned above instructions as per FSSAI. This is required to be acceptable in the international market. Therefore, the health ministry made the FSSAI license compulsory to track every exporter of food production activities.

Documents required exporting any food item

  1. Narcotics registration,
  2. FSSAI registration certificate
  3. The permit from the ministry of agriculture
  4. IMC certificate of the company
  5. Certificate of product approval
  6. The permit from the animal husbandry ministry of India

Points to remember for an applicant

  • FSSAI license for exporters has two subcategories:
  • Manufacturing of food items for export
  • Exporting merchant/trader

Any food business operator could apply for a license in either of one category:

  • The applicant needs to clarify whether he deals in only export or has business in domestic and export markets before obtaining the FSSAI license.
  • The FBO has to ensure that the food products comply and fir with the regulations of the importer’s country.

Need of FSSAI license number

Before starting the business, it needs a license from the country registrar, but in a food business in India, one needs to have an FSSAI license compulsorily. Therefore, it is the 14-digit number that is given as per the applied license category.

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