Frequently Asked Questions About Email Lists

Email marketing has proven to be the most efficient way for businesses to communicate with their current and potential clients. Even the growing influence of various social media networks didn’t succeed in casting a shadow over email marketing dominance.

So it’s not surprising that numerous business owners are interested in gaining more attention and more clicks from their potential customers. 

But reaching out to the right audience can be a demanding task that raises numerous questions. And you need to be equipped with all the right answers to optimize your email lists and profit from your efforts.

Here, you’ll find the answers to the burning questions about email lists that will help you grow your customer base through organic reach in no time.

Should I Verify My List Regularly?

The answer to this is a resounding yes. Many may think that once they verify their email list they don’t have to check it for a long time, But, this is a misconception that can prevent you from reaching interested subscribers.

Email list verification isn’t a “set it and forget it” kind of job. According to statistics, 20% of emails expire annually. That’s why you have to verify your email list regularly. Luckily for you, an email checker can help you go through this process seamlessly and efficiently.

How Often Should I Clean My Email List?

If you search the Internet looking for this answer you will end up with a bunch of vague answers, ranging from “as often as you like” to “every 3 months.” However, the right answer depends on the following factors:

  • How often do you use email marketing campaign
  • The methods you use for subscription confirmation
  • Whether you use B2B or B2C email lists

First, if you send email campaigns every four or five months you have to check your email lists more often than when you send emails monthly. The rule of the thumb is that you need to clean your list before every email marketing campaign.

If you want to keep your email list clean longer than your competition, you should use double opt with real-time verification for subscription verification. This method will limit the risk of collecting useless, temporary, or emails with typos.

Finally, B2B emails tend to expire more often than B2C ones. So if you use B2B email lists you have to check them frequently.

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How Should I Clean My Email List?

If you want to clean your list from bounce emails, try investing in an email checker. Email checkers can identify invalid emails without sending a message to a specific address.

In this way, it will protect your sender’s reputation, and increase your deliverability rate at the same time.

You can always clean your list manually. But this is a painstaking and time-consuming job that can’t deliver efficient results as advanced email verification tools can.

When Should I Verify My List?

You should have clean email lists before you launch your campaign to avoid some hard bounces. This said the optimal time to verify your email list is 72 hours before you start reaching out to potential customers.

Now that you’ve found out all the answers to the burning questions about email lists, you are ready to launch a successful email marketing campaign