FREE Way to Recover SanDisk SD Card

It must be admitted that modern technology has wholly penetrated our daily lives. As our daily storage of information tools, an SD card is one of the indispensable tools.

We can store a lot of data in a small data card. They bring great convenience to our life and work. Among all, the SanDisk SD card is the most popular SD card on the market.

It has excellent reading and storage speed, and memory size can fully meet users’ needs. But at the same time, the SD card could be better.

For example, if you lose the contents of the data card outside of you, do you know how to recover SanDisk SD card when it happens? 

If you’re using a SanDisk SD card to store your photos, videos, and documents, a lot of data loss can occur that you wouldn’t expect.

If you accidentally delete and format your SD card and make it RAW, it will make your stored photos and all other files disappear together. But don’t worry too much.

Whatever the cause of this problem, you still have a chance to perform a SanDisk recovery for a while.

In this article, we’ll give you a list of possible causes of data loss and a detailed guide to the best way to recover a SanDisk SD card for free. We recommend using the WorkinTool data recovery software to do the job.

Possible Causes of SanDisk Data Loss

Many versions of SanDisk SD cards and storage devices can be used to store data, including various formats of images like JPG, PNG, RAW, TIFF, videos MP4, MOV, AVI, MLV, music MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, document DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, and more.

Users can easily store them and transmit them before computers, cameras, and cell phones. But we also said that even SanDisk might need help to be able to read stored data properly for unknown reasons. So what are the common problems? Here is a summary of the most likely issues and causes.

The List of Data Loss Reasons

1. Accidental deletion: unfortunately, accidental deletion is the most common cause of loss of memory card content. Because even the most experienced users can not avoid this issue.

2. SD card formatting: formatting for many users is the best solution to SD card errors. But data loss is not a concern, and formatting can improve. It’s a result. Since you format an SD card, your data will not be recovered; the other stored content will disappear.

3. File system corruption: once you say that your SanDisk card has been corrupted on the file system side, it’s likely that it will become RAW and won’t be able to access the stored files.

4. Physical damage: We don’t have to tell you that the SanDisk SD card is beloved for its small size and

5. Delicacy. But it’s also very fragile. With a flick of the wrist, you can kiss your data goodbye.

Is It Possible to Recover SanDisk SD Card

Of course, in the first three cases, you can retrieve lost files from a SanDisk storage card in minutes using off-the-shelf data recovery software, regardless of the SanDisk storage device.

But you need to be aware of one exception, when you find that the required to file has not been found in the middle of the SD card, be sure not to add any new content to the memory card because this will cause the previous data to be overwritten and cannot be recovered.

But here’s the last thing: Your SanDisk SD card has suffered physical damage that prevents it from accessing its files correctly.

No amount of good data-recovery software can do that. In this case, we recommend that you contact the specialized SanDisk after-sales service center for help.

How to Recover Data from Flash Drive for FREE

As we explained earlier, users can use specialized data recovery tools to recover SanDisk SD cards. However, it is easy to find data recovery software on the web.

There are so many different kinds of data recovery software on the market that you just need to Google one to find one.

But finding a piece of software that works perfectly for SanDisk-free data recovery, that works well for scan recovery, and that works well for the data it recovers takes a lot of work.

To save the reader the most time and effort, the recommended data recovery tool here is WorkinTool Data Recovery Software.

WorkinTool Data Recovery Software

WorkinTool Data Recovery Software
WorkinTool Data Recovery Software

WorkinTool data recovery software is very good at dealing with data loss for a variety of reasons. It makes it easy for users to recover desired documents from any storage device.

It makes it easy to recover SanDisk SD card. Whether you accidentally delete your stored content, lose your documents because of a virus attack, or format your precious photos, this attack can help you get them all back.

It provides the best recovery service. You can retrieve the contents of any file from the SanDisk card and restore it to the specified location.

And not just for SD card data recovery, you can also use this to recover flash drives, external hard drives, internal hard drives, and other storage devices.

It supports the scanning and recovery of more than 400 file types and provides filters to help users quickly find a specified file to recover.

As you know, the best data recovery software is always about functionality and quality of recovery. Fortunately, the data recovery software provides the perfect recovery experience.

Judging from its user-friendly software, it has a straightforward interface, entirely suitable for any user group. The scan and recovery time are all in one minute.

The recovered files are available. Price is compared with similar software most cost-effective. Most importantly, the software can provide up to 500 MB of free data recovery services without any advertising. Now, let’s see how it works:

How to perform SanDisk card recovery

1. Open WorkinTool Data Recovery and select USB/Memory Card Recovery.

How to perform SanDisk card recovery
How to perform SanDisk card recovery – Step 1

2. Scan the SanDisk card where you stored your files.

How to perform SanDisk card recovery
How to perform SanDisk card recovery – Step 2


This software will show the above window if you still need to connect the SanDisk card to the PC. Insert the SD card and click Refresh.

  1. Go to use the Filter feature to find the files and tap Recover to get them back.
How to perform SanDisk card recovery
How to perform SanDisk card recovery – Step 3

Bottom Line

In this article, we provide a list of the possible causes of the loss of your SanDisk stored files, the data recovery software required to recover SanDisk SD card, and a companion tutorial. Of course, you can also choose other software of the same type.

However, if this is your first time using data recovery, we strongly recommend that you use the recommended WorkinTool data recovery software.

Because this software does not need you to master any computer knowledge, nor does it require any threshold to find the documents you need quickly.

It also offers a free recovery size of 500 MB. This is just what you need. Of course, if the recovery experience is very satisfying, you can also upgrade it to enjoy a complete data recovery experience.