7 Periodic Steps to Foster a Healthy Pet Dog at Home

7 Periodic Steps to Foster a Healthy Pet Dog at Home – Everybody in your family loves to cuddle your pet puppy, right? They hold them in their arms, a delight for a while, and let go after playing with them until their heart’s content. Now, someone has to own up to the dog care routine to keep it healthy and sparkling clean.

Foster a Healthy Pet Dog

Most people who take up this pet parenting business know deep down it’s not all fun and frolic. We are aware of the fundamental challenges faced to ensure your pet dog has good health and hygiene. While some health risks can be averted and mitigated by paying adequate attention, you never know what may malign your pet’s health. Look online and sign up for affordable pet insurance

Top rated pet insurance NZ covers your pet for any emergencies, sickness, dental complaints, or accidents. Explore it to avoid a cash crunch in unexpected situations. To circumvent such overwhelming scenarios, it would be best if you cultivate a few pet-friendly habits.

1. Regular flea & tick checks

A dog‘s pleasurable activities include rolling on the lawns, having fun in the garden, playing with other canines, etc. Through these are engaging pastimes, there is a high probability of your pet contracting fleas and ticks. A regular vet appointment will help in identifying if your dog is infected and find remedies accordingly. Outside this, you should be applying flea and tick treatments at periodic instalments. Kip Dog Boarding tell us this isn’t just for your dog’s health but also for you, your home and any of your dog’s friends, as it protects your dog from spreading fleas.

2. Catch up with prick trips

Take your dog to the vet to keep up to date on the suggested vaccinations. Don’t miss out on them at any cost, no matter how old your pet is they will need ongoing vaccinations.

3. Refreshing baths

Your dog needs a bath regularly to stay fresh. Plus, it is a great way to get rid of accumulated dirt and germs in the fur. Please don’t do it so often that your pet ends up with flaky skin and hair loss., and be sure to use a pet shampoo.

4.     Clipping nails

Do this once every 3 to 4 weeks. Start this while your pet is still a pup and carry from thereon. Dirty nails aren’t good for your pet’s health and also ruin your pet’s posture. Not to mention cats like to scratch furniture and carpets if their nails are too long!

Foster a Healthy Pet Dog

5. Coat trims

It is necessary to keep your dog’s skin clean and breathable, which will further enhance blood circulation, reduce the risk of skin conditions and minimize fleas and ticks due to short fur.

6.    Dental checks

Getting an annual dental check along with regularly cleaning your pet’s unclean teeth is the only way to ensure your pet’s teeth stay neat, spotless, and polished. These visits could save you a lot on dental treatments in the long run. If you want to cut yourself some slack from the continuous care of your dog’s dental hygiene, you should at least arrange for affordable pet insurance to cover your pet’s dental needs.

7. Cleaning pet belongings

Beginning with your dog’s toys and accessories, comfort bedding, clothes, wash everything once or twice a month. A clean environment will help keep your dog healthy and happy.


Sometimes, even after monitoring your pet’s well-being constantly, something unfavorable things unfortunate may occur. You need to stay prepared with top-rated pet insurance to tackle the unforeseen.

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