Ford Transfer Cases Under $2000

Transfer cases are an essential part of a four-wheeler for a smooth driving experience. A broken transfer case is good for nothing because it works as a powerhouse for four-wheelers’ rear wheels. If you drive a Ford, there are plenty of Ford Transfer Cases Under $2000. 

A reliable transfer case is necessary and highly useful to keep the vehicle healthy and prevent damages. A smoothly functional transfer case will help drivers shift gears effortlessly. If the car is running unusually rough, it’s time for you to get its transfer case checked. 

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Ford NP 208 Transfer Cases

The Ford NP 208 Transfer Cases are perfect for daily use and works on chain-driven technology. The chain ensures a constant flow of power to the rear wheels, making them move smoothly even in rough terrains. These Ford Transfer Cases’ aluminum body keeps them lightweight and doesn’t put unnecessary weight on the vehicle. 

One may use the Ford NP 208 in various applications ranging from 1980 to 1986, Ford’s F-250, Ford’s F-350, and, Bronco. The Ford NP also features gear reduction and direct drive function and switches between the two accordingly. 

Ford BW 4405 Transfer Cases

The BW 4405 Transfer Cases works on the generic electronic module. The automatic adjustments of the drive shaft enable the vehicle to move on highways in 4WD. The automatic transfer case, the BW 4405, can change torque movement between the front and rear shafts. 

The Ford BW 4405 Transfer Case works best with the applications Ford Explorers between 1995 and 2001. One may also use it with Mercury Mountaineer between 1998 and 2001 and Ford Rangers between 1995 to 1997. 

Ford BW 1356 Transfer Cases 

The Ford BW 1356 comes in two variants for different needs of different vehicles. The first variant of BW 1356 is available in the manual shift, while the other comes in the automatic shift. While this transfer case also works on chain-driven technology, it’s carefully made for heavy-duty performances. 

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The BW 1356 automatically transfers fluid in driveshafts; its pump would work best only with light oils. This transfer case is used in vehicles like Bronco 1987 to 1997 and other cars from the F series. 

Ford BW 1354 Transfer Cases 

The BW 1354 is amongst the best chain-driven Ford Transfer Cases that feature an aluminum body. The transfer case provides power from the transmission to the rear axle of the vehicle. Once activated, the patient can also send power to the front axle. 

Ford’s BW 1354 transfer cases are available in manual shift and automatic shift, and they work with various vehicles. One may use this case in vehicles like non-sport Explorers 1991 to 1995, Rangers 1990 to 1998. Moreover, this transfer case also works with Sports Explorers and Bronco. 


Transfer Cases are made to help four-wheelers run smoothly without a shortage of power in their rear wheels. The features of a transfer case vary depending on the vehicle. These cases are available for both automatic and manual shifts. 

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