Ford Expedition – A Step Towards Innovation and Comfort

The Ford Expedition is an SUV model manufactured by Ford and designed to provide seating and comfort to large groups of people (at least up to 9). It is a full-size SUV, featuring three rows. In fact, it is the successor of the previously renowned Ford Bronco and was introduced in the 1997 model year of the corporation. The Ford Expedition is also the first Ford SUV that featured a four-door body, making it one of those cars produced by Ford that combined the efficiency of regular Ford automobile models with the ingenuity of the Ford manufacturing team. The Ford Expedition’s production cycle and production life have borrowed, and been inspired by, many processes and mechanical components found in its adjacent generation of automobiles, Ford F-150. Moreover, the body of the Ford Expedition greatly resembles the body of the Ford F-150. 

A Summary of Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is a very famous American multinational automaker. Its main headquarters are in Dearborn, Michigan. It was originally founded and conceptualized by Henry Ford, who incorporated it on June 16, 1903, into a corporate body. It is one of those automakers which has established itself in the automotive industry over the course of a century, resulting in Ford becoming a household name for many Americans.

Ford even sells luxury cars under the Lincoln brand, which incidentally also helped Ford compete with other luxury automobile brands. Furthermore, Ford owns the Brazillian SUV manufacturer Troller, it has an 8% stake in Aston Martin of UK, and it also owns an impressive 32% stake in Jiangling Motors – which is also known as JMC and is a Chinese automobile manufacturer.

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The company is even listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The business joint-ventures of Ford resulted in the making of several Ford headquarters in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia. Joint-ventures like the aforementioned helped Ford secure a good foothold in the automobile industry, helping it target a plethora of geographically different markets, as a result of which models like the Ford Expedition became a success. 

Review of the Ford Expedition 

The Ford Expedition model is built to be the strongest SUV in its category, something Ford managed to accomplish whilst fitting into it the smallest standard engine. Based on the Ford F150, this SUV comes with a twin-turbo 3.5 liter V6. The horsepower of the Ford Expedition may range from 375 to 400, making it stronger than its famous rival, Chevy Tahoe. 

Moreover, the nine rows, while giving the illusion that they can fit 9 passengers, are actually suited for 8 passengers. The capacity size gives each and every one of the passengers the maximum amount of comfort and security, making every car ride enjoyable.


 The Ford Expedition is one of the earliest models created by Ford that showed that Ford is taking a step further towards ensuring all their customers receive the maximum amount of comfort and security an SUV can manage to give. 

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