Foods That Taste Much Better When It Rains

We Indians love to associate every occasion with food and turn it into a golden opportunity to eat different things. Not just the occasions throughout the year, but we also prepare different types of dishes according to the season, and that’s what makes our menu wider and tastier than any other country in the world.

Like winter, eating in the rainy season also has its own fun. Even though it is not written in any rule book, there are some food items that the desire to eat doubles as soon as it rains. Here we are mentioning some such food items, whose fun becomes doubled with the rains.

Corn Cob

If there was an official snack for the rainy season, we are sure it would be corn and not the fancy sweet corn found in malls but roasted between coals smoldering on a roadside fireplace.

The mouth waters of the onlookers when this freshly roasted corn is rubbed with lemon and salt-pepper spices. There is nothing more fun than buying food from a roadside cart during a long drive during the rainy season.


A food item from the bakery department, a brownie, is delicious and decadent. Unlike pastries and cakes, brownies deliver mouth-watering taste in both hot and cold states. And when it’s raining outside, you can enjoy a brownie or tea with a cup of hot chocolate or hot coffee.

Cheesecake pastries also make a perfect pair with hot coffee. So, next time it rains, order yourself a brownie or a cheesecake pastry via an online cake delivery in Bangalore or wherever you reside. 

Masala Maggi

If the rain brings with it one thing, it is laziness! After many consecutive days of heat, when the coolness of the raindrops spreads all around, a different kind of laziness surrounds us, and it seems that we just lie in bed all day.

But due to this laziness, the whole day cannot be spent without eating. In such a situation, Maggi is a great option, which is not only prepared in a jiffy, but you can also customize it according to your taste and choice. 


Many jokes and memes have been made about the desire of Indian people to eat Pakodas during the rainy season, but what is true now is. We Indians’ love for Pakodas cannot be hidden from anyone.

Especially in the rainy season, the way we respect mommy to make Pakodas, that too is the story of every household. Be it onion, potato, cabbage or chilli Pakodas; they taste different in the rainy season.

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Besan Halwa

In the rainy season, everyone is prone to mild colds and coughs, and in such pleasant weather, no one likes to lie in bed or eat bitter medicines. In such a situation, nothing is better than hot gram flour pudding made in desi ghee.

The sweet taste of gram flour halwa goes well with the smell of rain. Not only this, but it is also very effective in curing mild colds and colds.


Many people were saddened to learn that samosa is not an Indian snack. However, we Indians have left no stone unturned to make it our own. From potatoes and paneer to pasta and chow mein, we have experimented with it.

But still, the spicy potato samosa has its own distinct fan following, which increases manifold during the rainy season. You will get proof of this from the long line in front of the samosa shop during the rainy season.

Masala Tea

We know very well that we Indians love tea so much that no one would mind declaring it a national drink.

Most Indians drink tea 365 days a year but ask anyone when it is raining outside, and if you get a hot cup of masala chai at that time, then that feeling is no less than paradise. 


We Indians are very passionate about our food. There are very few things we like better than our desi food. But in the rainy season, hot soup is something that no one can deny.

Be it Spicy Hot and Sour Soup, Creamy Mushroom Soup or Sour-Sweet Tomato Soup with Garlic Bread, and the fun gets doubled when it rains outside.

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