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You might really like to eat dark chocolates and are always looking for excuses to eat some. Don’t worry, now you can eat dark chocolates without feeling guilty about it, as it will help your hearing health significantly. So, you can tell yourself that you are doing it to take care of your hearing. There are many other foods such as banana, salmon, broccoli, etc. that can help your hearing a lot.

Hearing is one of the most important of our five senses, and we need to take care of our hearing properly so that we can protect it from any kind of harm. Still, one can face hearing loss problems at any time of their life. Hearing loss problems can occur due to many reasons, but the hearing cells in the inner ear getting damaged with time is one of them. As a result, many people tend to lose their hearing to some degree as they grow older. But you can try to prevent it, and keep the hearing loss to a minimum level and protect your hearing by taking some measures. Eating healthy foods that contribute to your hearing health can be one. 

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According to research, the risk of facing hearing loss can get reduced by 30% if you have a diet based on fruits and vegetables. Intaking less fat and sugar \, and eating lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy along with fruits and vegetables also help with hearing health. There are some essential minerals that can help a lot with your hearing health, and there are many food items that contain these four minerals. Now let’s see what minerals are and which foods can help you to take care of your hearing health.


Potassium works to regulate the amount of fluid you need in your blood and body tissue. There is fluid in your inner ear, and this part of the ear is really important in the overall hearing process, and the fluid also helps to maintain the balance in the ear as well as the body. And this fluid is hugely dependent on a rich supply of potassium. The more we age, the more the level of potassium drops naturally, and that can be a contributing factor to age-related hearing loss. 

There is a hormone called aldosterone which is responsible for regulating potassium, and a drop in aldosterone is linked to hearing loss problems according to research. The thing is, the level of potassium in our body decreases as we age, so it is important to consume foods with potassium as much as possible. And consuming potassium-based food is great for our body and overall health. They can keep us healthy and boost our immunity system. Banana is the most common fruit that has potassium. Some other food items that have potassium are- milk, yogurt, eggs, mushrooms, oranges, melons, apricots, raisins, tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, cucumbers, coconuts, etc.


Magnesium might be able to help you prevent hearing damages that are caused by exposure to loud noises. According to the estimation of WHO, about 16% of the disabling hearing loss cases in adults are caused due to occupational noise. If you get exposed to loud noises, harmful molecules called free radicals that get produced due to the loud noise can damage the sensitive hair-like cells in your inner ear. As those cells work to transmit sound to your brain from the ears, their damage can create huge problems for your hearing, and you might suffer from hearing loss problems as a result. 

Magnesium works as a free radical scavenger that can help protect your ears against damages of this type. Magnesium can also help a lot in relieving you from symptoms of ringing in the ears, or in other words, tinnitus. So, make sure that you are consuming enough magnesium that you need for your hearing health. Dark chocolates are rich in magnesium, so eating dark chocolates can provide you with your needed magnesium. Some other food items that have magnesium are- wheat, almond, spinach, peanuts, cashews, cultures yogurt, tofu, avocados, different types of seeds, etc. 

Folic Acid/ Folate

The blood circulation of your body can play a crucial role in your hearing health, and folate or folic acid can help to increase the circulation of the body. Proper circulation keeps the hair-like cells of the inner ear healthy. Also, folic acid can fight off the harmful molecules produced by loud noises too, just like magnesium. Folate can also help to reduce the level of an amino acid called homocysteine that can compromise the vascular system of the ear, and also impair the blood flow of the inner ear. Some foods that contain folic acid are- beef liver, asparagus, mushrooms, egg yolks, beans, spinach, broccoli, banana, lettuce, avocado, brussels sprouts, kidney beans, kale, whole grains, fortified breakfast cereals, lemons, etc.


Eating enough amounts of zinc-based food helps to boost the immune system, and the ability to heal. It also lowers the chances of developing hearing problems such as tinnitus and presbycusis. It also helps to fight ear infections. Some zinc-based food items are- Dark chocolate, oatmeal, lentils, beans, yogurt, cashews, peanuts, oysters, lobsters, pork, crab, beef, mushrooms, dark meat chicken, kale, garlic, spinach, etc.


Getting enough Omega-3s fatty acid with your food can help you to keep your ears functioning even after you get old. These fatty acids can help prevent, or at least delay age-related hearing loss. Salmon fish is a great and delicious source of these fatty acids. Some other Omega-3s-based food items are- fortified eggs, fortified milk, walnuts, flax seeds, brussels sprouts, spinach, tuna, oysters, etc. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is really important for health, and it can really help to keep bones and skins healthy. There are 3 small bones in the middle part of your ears, and they play a very important role in the listening process. Vitamin D-based diet can help to keep them healthy. Some food items with vitamin D are- oily fish such as salmon or herring, mushrooms, egg yolks, and some commercially available foods that are labeled as having been specially fortified with vitamin D, such as cow’s milk, breakfast cereals, orange juice, etc.

Final Words

Foods that contain important nutrients are really important for our overall health. And some specific vitamins and minerals are more important for the health of specific parts of our body. And as a really important part, we need to keep our ears healthy and safe by taking care of the hearing health, and the above-mentioned foods can do that for us, So, make sure to consume those healthy and delicious foods from time to time. 

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