Food Allergy Testing Santa Monica – All You Need to Know

Finding the actual cause of food allergy can be a tricky diagnostic for doctors. As most food eaten alongside other foods isolating the cause of the allergy can be challenging.

While doing food allergy testing in Santa Monica, the licensed practitioners have to consider the following factors to find the actual cause of allergy.

Physical exam: – this is one of the most certain things that your doctor will do. With the help of a physical test, the doctor will come to know the truth. Is there any medical condition or any other health issue or not?

Family history: –Yourfamily is the main factor in your health structure. You carry your family genes, so you also can take the diseases of your family. Genetic allergies are most common amongst many people.

Symptoms: – the doctor will try to find out your symptoms of food allergy. They will notice several things. The type of food you are eating? How much are you eating? And how many hard-hitting symptoms are you having?

Blood test: – this test will help the doctors to understand the level of your immune system. How does it respond to a specific food that may be allergens to you? With a blood test, they measure immunoglobulin E, also known as IgE. This test is done by professional lab personals, under the surveillance of doctors.

Food Allergy Testing

Skin test: – It is the most common test, which will help doctors understand the actual cause of food reactants. They will peel a slight amount of food and place it on your back or forearms. It gives a brief idea to doctors about the allergy which you are having with which food.

Elimination dieting: – the one technique doctors can use is controlling your diet. They will tell you not to eat certain types of food for one or two weeks, and then it will be easy for them to understand which food is causing the allergy. Doctors do not recommend this type of testing due to severe allergic reactions.

Oral testing: – IN this testing, you do not need not go anywhere. It will happen in the doctor’s office only. In this doctor will give you some allergens food and they will slowly increase the quantity. It will help them to understand that in how much amount your body reacts to the allergens food.

Acute reaction

Food like hives can cause acute reactions. Counter antihistamines, such as Benadryl can be treated.

Severe reaction

This is an emergency where you can expect yourself taken to the emergency room. In this situation, you might be given an injection of epinephrine. Most of the people who face such severe reactions have an auto-injector epicene or adrenalin. These are to counter the critical effect of the disease in the time of emergency. This auto-injector is pressed into the thigh to inject the epinephrine.

These are some of the basic experimentally proven methods or medicines given to the patients who need them. These are used mostly in emergencies there are other medicines also which are used. These are used either to prevent the effect of the severe allergy or just give complete relief to the person from that severe allergy attack.

Some of these experimental treatments are as follows:

Anti-age therapy: – this drug is facing the experimental stage now to cure allergic asthma and food reactions. In other words, it’s called Xolair or omalizumab. This medicine interferes with the body’s ability to fight allergies.

Early exposure: – In the early days, peditetretions generally recommend parents not to give allergic food to children to prevent them from allergies. But now the studies have shown that the regular consumption of the high allergy food is regular the chances of having allergy with that food become less.

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