Follow Parking Tips In Bratislava So As Not To Violate The Parking Rules

Every person wants to park their vehicle efficiently and at the lowest parking rates. Bratislava, being the largest and the capital of Slovakia has numerous underground garages and outdoor parking spaces available in the city centre but the streets are heavily tolled.

The parking rules for the Slovakian city are different and strict, violating which you may find a boot-mounted on your vehicle or it may be towed away. Next, you will have to get it back after paying a hefty fine.

Check out the Slovakian city parking tips and spaces available in Bratislava.

Free parking spaces in Bratislava

Finding a parking space in the centre of the city is a problem. However, there is free parking in Bratislava which is conveniently located just 10 minutes from the city centre.

Look for parking spaces in:

  • Tyrsovo nabrezi
  • Under the Lafranconi Bridge
  • In front of the TDP in Petrzalka

You can also get to the historic part of Bratislava in a few minutes through public transport. Try your luck here around a few more places for free parking lots like:

  • Lake Kuchajada
  • On the sidewalk along Raclanska and Vajnorska Streets
  • At the Pasienky Swimming Pool

Look for a free parking lot at Mlynska Dolina, Litovska Street which has a limited parking time of a maximum of 3 hours. These parking lots have unlimited accessibility but with limited capacity, no infrastructure and remain unguarded.

Parking in the streets

Parking on the streets is absolutely free in Slovakian cities but due to the increase in the number of vehicles, getting a parking space becomes quite difficult.

There are chargeable parking lots in the city centre although most of the streets are tolled from 8 am till 4 pm during weekdays. However, parking during the weekend is free. Parking tickets are available by:

  • Purchasing them through automated parking machines with a minimum parking time of 30 minutes at 0.50 Euros beyond which it is 0.10 Euros for every 6 minutes
  • Purchasing through SMS.

Parking spaces for rent in Slovak cities

There are garages for rent available in Slovak cities for short-term and long-term parking that serves as the best solution. The parking lot that you take on rent is marked with reserved transport marks as “P-Reserved”. You can pay for the parking services by purchasing a reservation parking card for your vehicle.

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These rented parking lots are available for:

Parking tips in Slovak cities

Although parking on the streets for free, you must park at a distance of 1.5 meters away from the path. If you violate this rule or your vehicle parking is found to disturb the traffic then your car will be towed away by the authorities.

For getting back your car, you need to contact the police or the number written on the wheel clamp between 7:30 am to 10 pm. Pay a hefty fine and only then you will get back your vehicle.

Therefore, it is advised to use any of the garages available for rent in Slovak cities than availing free parking space on the streets.