Folding Electric Bike VS Normal Electric Bikes

Folding Electric Bike VS Normal Electric Bikes

Over the past few years, e-bikes have taken over again and gained lots of popularity. A recent wave of inflation in the UK and high fuel prices brought back the trend of e-bikes. 

You can check here the best foldable electric bike for sale which isn’t only affordable and an eco-friendly way of transportation too. However, choosing between a folding electric bike and a normal electric bike is a pretty challenging decision to make.

 Still, you can make an informed decision after reading this article. 

How does a Normal E-bike differ From Folding E-bike

As the name indicates, the only difference between these two is one is foldable, and the other isn’t. We can say that the folding e-bike weighs more than normal e-bikes. The folding electric bikes are easy storage solutions, and the normal ones aren’t. These aren’t only differences but the primary ones.

We have analyzed both bikes to provide more accounts and details about them. 

Normal Electric Bikes

It’s wrong to say that people do not use normal e-bikes now. Everything has its charm and unique things. Normal e-bikes have the following pros and cons:


As we’ve mentioned earlier, normal bikes are lighter than folding ones. An average normal e-bike ranges from 20 lbs to 50lbs. Usually, lighter versions of normal e-bikes are pretty overpriced.

If you want to avoid heavyweight e-bikes, the normal one suits you best. The ADO DECE 300 Hybrid Commuter Electric Bike weighs 22kgs or 48.5 lbs. 


The price of a normal e-bike is less than that of a folding one. You don’t have to pay for extra features—folding ability. If you are on a tight budget and want an e-bike, then you can choose ADO A16+ foldable electric bike for just €799 on a limited-time sale these days. 

Enjoy Stiff-Free Ride

Normal or city commuter e-bikes are very rigid and offer a stiff free riding experience as their frame is not convertible or foldable. In some cases, they can be less bumpy than folding electric bikes. 

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Carry More Weight

As normal bikes are sturdy and rugged, a rider can carry more weight than folding e-bike riders. If you work where you’ve to take heavy weights frequently, then a normal e-bike is suitable for you because it has sizable chases, a robust frame, and thick wheels. The normal e-bike power also allows you to ride on various off-road routes. 

Folding Electric Bikes

Folding e-bikes are getting so popular across the globe as they have numerous advantages. What are they? Let’s discuss this. 

No need for Exclusive Licenses

E-bikes are an eco-friendly mode of transportation. However, e-bikes aren’t classified as power-assistance transport or motorcycles. E-bikes fall under the category of regular bicycles because their function is half manual. 

So if you have a ADO A16 XE electric folding bike, you have the liberty of riding any road without having an exclusive bike license. 

Protection Against Theft

E-bikes are the easiest target for thieves, and all types of e-bikes are susceptible to theft. We’ve seen that many e-bike owners are investing in chains and locks, but they can still not protect their bikes from being stolen. 

However, you can take it anywhere without a hitch if you’re a folding one. A best folding electric bike doesn’t require parking in the garage, floor space, and wall space. 

Sweat-Free Commuting

One of the most significant reasons people use folding e-bikes is sweat-free commuting. You might be stopped riding an e-bike because of excessive sweat issues.

However, if you have an ADO A20 XE folding ebike, bid farewell to that stress. Because a foldable e-bike comes with a 250w powerful motor assistant that reduces your paddling work and allows you to regain your strength before paddling again. This bike also offers a long electric range of 60kms and assists a range of 80kms. 

In this way, you’ll always feel fresh and stay cool, even riding in the scorching heat of the hot days on the UK’s roads. 

Avoid Traffic

You should obey traffic rules even when you’re late for the office. In some cases, you can beat traffic when riding a foldable e-bike.

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Since the size of the e-bike is small, it can perfectly fit sideways and in alleyways. You can ride your e-bike sideways to avoid traffic.

While riding in urban areas, check your surroundings because it is the best way to avert traffic. 

Be Healthy

As we all have busy schedules, we give ourselves excuses for time shortage by not doing exercise regularly. Here a folding e-bike helps us.

When riding a folding e-bike gives you a chance to burn several calories. Moreover, for younger family members interested in joining the eco-friendly movement, exploring a reliable kids electric bike can offer them a safe and enjoyable introduction to sustainable transportation.

Final Thoughts

Due to high fuel prices, people are looking for affordable commuting. That’s why e-bikes like ADO A16+ foldable electric bike, are the latest buzz in the town.

However, e-bikes fall into two categories; folding ones and normal ones. A layman ought to get confused while choosing between them. We’ve mentioned a few advantages of both so you can make an informed decision. 

For those who still find themselves enchanted by the allure of the open road, a vast horizon of electric bikes awaits to redefine your journey.

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