Florida Strawberry Festival Unveils Stellar Lineup

Florida Strawberry Festival Unveils Stellar Lineup

The Florida Strawberry Festival has shared its exciting list of events for its 89th year. This festival combines music and farming history. It will happen from February 29 to March 10, 2024.

Many people look forward to this festival for its great shows and community feeling. Tickets will be available starting December 7. If you come to the festival, you can enjoy different types of music while celebrating the long history of this event.

Make sure to get your spot for this amazing experience in the strawberry fields.

Festival Lineup Highlights

The 2024 Florida Strawberry Festival will have a stage called the Wish Farms Soundstage. It will have over 20 famous singers and bands performing, making it a very special music event. People always look forward to the top performances at this festival, and 2024 will be no different.

Both popular musicians and new ones will be performing. If you like different types of music, you’ll enjoy the shows as they’ll have something for everyone. The festival is always fun and full of energy.

The people who put the festival together carefully select the performers to make sure everyone will have a good time. They also bring in new talent to keep things fresh and interesting for people who come every year and for those who are coming for the first time.

Ticket Purchase Details

Want to buy tickets for the fun Florida Strawberry Festival?

Remember, tickets will be available from December 7th, 8 AM. Make sure to buy them early to get a cheaper price.

There are also special VIP tickets for some extra fun.

You can get your tickets on the internet, by calling, or directly from the Amscot Main Ticket Office at 2209 W. Oak Avenue in Plant City.

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But be quick, tickets may run out fast for this super cool event.

Exploring the ‘Out of This World’ Theme

Everyone is excited about the Florida Strawberry Festival’s big news. They picked ‘Out of This World!’ as their theme. This means everyone who’s selling things or taking part in the festival can come up with fun space ideas.

The festival will look like outer space, with stars, planets, and cool spaceships everywhere. Even the food will be space-themed, with fun and tasty items that look like they could be from another planet. Each food stall will look like a spaceship launching pad, where you can try new and delicious foods.

This festival will really feel like an ‘out of this world’ experience.