Frequently Asked Questions About Fleet Tracking Software

What is Fleet Tracking Software?

Fleet tracking software is a vehicle management solution that helps fleet businesses to automate their operational tasks, database management, and GPS tracking facility within one mobile application platform. It can also generate useful insights and reports based on the provided information.

Why is Fleet Tracking Software important to my business?

Transportation is an important part of our regular life whether we are using it for business or personal purposes. It is important to keep track of the vehicles that we use on regular basis. Road accident is a very common incident. There are other facts to be considered such as cost management, driver’s behavior monitor, scheduling important dates, telematics, etc. A fleet tracking system can consolidate all of these factors together and provide real-time reports to the management.

Additionally, there are companies that maintain their own maintenance teams. Some companies prefer to outsource maintenance companies. If they have multiple fleets, it is difficult for them to maintain the schedule of maintenance. Fleet tracking software can come in very handy for such situations.

Can fleet tracking software reduce operating costs?

A fleet service provider undergoes diverse operating costs which ensures the safety of vehicles. These operating costs imply a comparable range of bills. It is important for a business to have a platform that can organize and manage all the operational tasks. For a business to reduce costs, it must know every detail about the sectors that it has been spending on.

Some of these details can go out of attention without a suitable management system. A fleet tracking software records feasible operational cost. A fleet manager can monitor and generate ideas to reduce those costs. With the help of a database and reports, fleet tracking software can reduce operating costs.

How can I save fuel using Fleet Tracking Software?

Good drivers and bad drivers are determined by looking at the amount of fuel they use. Fleet tracking software can optimize route plans based on the collected databases. Fleet drivers have to go to different destinations every day. They often mistakenly use long routes. The longer the roads are, the more it is likely to consume fuel. A proper route direction can save fuel costs. It can actually save 20% fuel consumption.

Is fleet tracking software easy to install?

Cloud-based fleet management systems are very easy to install. All you have to put effort into is downloading the app from Playstore or Appstore. It does not involve any coding knowledge. Moreover, you have to select a customer-friendly service provider.

For example, once you sign up for the CloudApper fleet, a customer solution executive will reach out to guide you through the whole process. They will also assist if you need any sort of customization for your fleet tracking system. CloudApper Fleet is not only easy to install, but also easy to maintain.

How much does it cost to build a fleet tracking software?

The cost of building fleet tracking software depends on the size of the company that you are operating.  It also depends on the type of software you will be using. You can go for on-premise software which will cost you more.

To find a cheaper solution, you can go for an on-cloud fleet solution. Some of the providers charge based on the number of fleets that businesses use. You can get CloudApper fleet tracking software only at $10/user/month. This cloud-based system does not charge additional amounts for extra vehicles.

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What are the risks and challenges of implementing fleet tracking software?

Fleet tracking software can face some challenges and risk factors related to the storage of confidential personal data. Drivers’ safety is another casual risk of a fleet management system. Fleet management services should provide assurance of privacy for the users of the system. They should also be allowed to deactivate GPS tracking when they want to.

How can I get CloudApper Fleet?

You can sign up for a free trial at CloudApper’s website. They have a large number of management solution applications in CloudApper’s marketplace. You can get access to the fleet management application as well. For additional assistance, their customer solution team is always available for any kind of support.