Five steps to ensure health and safety when you return to the gym

Lockdowns are easing worldwide, and fitness clubs and gyms are gearing up to open their doors to fitness enthusiasts. For over a year, the coronavirus pandemic has kept us all restricted to our indoor environment. As a result, we have all struggled hard to establish fitness regimes and stay focused on our health goals despite staying at home.

But finally, the time to continue our workout regimes in the controlled environments of a gym has arrived. However, one cannot emphasize enough the need to stay vigilant about prevention and safety. After all, gyms are indoor environments visited by many people who share the same equipment and tools.

Let’s take a look at some steps to ensure health and safety as you return to the gym.

1. Get yourself Vaccinated

It’s essential to avoid visiting any public spaces before getting yourself vaccinated. Vaccination drives rolled out months ago, so this is an excellent time to get both doses and return to normalcy. The risk of infection remains even after the first dose, so be sure to get both doses before venturing outdoors. Getting yourself vaccinated will keep you and everyone around safe from the risk of infection.

2. Cover your Face

Even after getting yourself vaccinated, it’s wise to avoid abandoning the safety precautions we embraced when the pandemic started. These safety precautions have allowed us to come this far in the fight to eradicate the virus and ensure mass-vaccination drives. Now is not the time to abandon protective face masks, but rather, add them to your daily outfits to ensure safety.

You will find yourself in close contact with other gym members, fitness trainers, and staff members while exercising. You can reduce your interaction, but you cannot eliminate them. It’s hard to restrain oneself when one sees an old buddy after the long and hard days of social distancing.

So, be sure to wear your face mask at all times, and you can enjoy all interactions safely. But, more importantly, don’t let the mask slide beneath your nose because it completely loses its purpose. Understandably, one struggles with breathing and perspiration while working out. Therefore, you can invest in a breathable mask with light fabric to eliminate these issues.

3. Practice Social Distancing

Be sure to maintain a 6-feet distance while interacting with your trainer, administrative staff, and gym buddies. Don’t allow people to cross the 6-feet boundary and inch closer to your face. This isn’t going to be easy, but it is necessary. Most gyms and fitness studios have complied with mandatory social distancing regulations to facilitate their members.

For instance, the machinery and equipment are placed reasonably to prevent bodies from touching as people exercise. Trainers and staff members are also given detailed instructions to avoid touching and inching near the members. So be sure to keep a close eye on how these SOPs are practiced in your gym.

If you notice any violations from members or staff personnel, you must alert the authorities immediately.

4. Keep a Sanitizer Close By

We cannot regulate the behaviors, actions, and SOP compliance of the people around us. But we can easily control, change and regulate our compliance with a robust prevention regime.

We’ve all gotten used to carrying sanitizers with us while heading outdoors for errands and chores. We suggest you take a sanitizer in your gym bag and keep it close by at all times. You see, we end up touching our faces a lot while working out. This is because we are constantly wiping the sweat using our palms and hands.

Even if you’re using a gym towel, that fabric runs the risk of contamination and eventual exposure. Having a sanitizer close by will ensure safety by keeping your hands squeaky clean and virus-free. More importantly, you can use the sanitizer to wipe clean all the machinery and equipment you’re planning to use.

Fitness studios and gyms make a big show of cleaning and sanitizing their equipment. Unfortunately, most of these efforts are gimmicks designed to attract members back to their facilities. So, don’t entrust your gym administration to sanitize and clean all surfaces you will come in contact with while exercising. Instead, perform this responsibility yourself by using a sanitizer in between workouts.

5. Avoid Using Gym Products

Gone are the days when we could use toiletries, towels, and other gym gear provided by our fitness clubs. The pandemic has undoubtedly taught us an unforgettable lesson in the risk factors of sharing our products and towels. It’s a hazard, and you don’t want to put yourself and others at risk.

So, avoid using any products or towels handed out by the gym administration. Most gyms have stopped giving out towels, tissue papers, and other products to curb the spread in their facility. However, we advise you to carry all the products you might need and improvise if you forget them.


As the world returns to normalcy, the fear of the pandemic reigns supreme. We’re all scared, anxious, and frightened, and rightfully so, for the pandemic has claimed millions of lives. Therefore, it’s essential to practice social distancing and safety measures to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe.

Be sure to get yourself vaccinated and tested before venturing out in public spaces and engaging in any activity. Most importantly, avoid scheduling your workouts in busy hours when the gym is cramped with members.

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