Investing used to be a hobby only for the wealthy; most other people stayed with savings accounts. In today’s day and age, the internet has opened the world of investing to an entirely new group of users. The easiest way to leverage the power of winstrol contraindications the digital age to help you invest is by using an app. These are five great apps for you to consider.

1. Acorns

Acorns is one of the first and most popular savings apps. It is based on an extremely simple concept: link your debit or credit card to the app, and whenever you make a purchase, Acorns will automatically round up to the nearest dollar and invest the difference for you.

You can choose from a traditional investment account or one of three individual retirement accounts (IRAs). By asking you questions about your savings goals, Acorns will help you choose the correct investment vehicle.

Acorns is great for new investors or people looking to seed a retirement account without feeling a pinch in their budget.

2. Robinhood

If you are interested in being more proactive with your investments, Robinhood may be for you. This app will allow you to manage your investments and trade stocks, ETFs, and options. Robinhood even allows for cryptocurrency exchange

The app is simple to navigate and intuitive, making it an easy interface for you to use to manage your investments.

3. Ellevest

Lesser known but highly ranked Ellevest is a top app for women to promote socially responsible investing. If you would like your fiscal goals to be linked to your socioeconomic mentality, Ellevest might be right for you.

Ellevest allows you to build an “Impact Portfolio” that is limited to companies that meet Ellevest’s parameters for being socially responsible, including companies with women in leadership roles, companies that support affordable housing and community service initiatives, and companies that meet sustainability goals. 

4. Fidelity Investments

The Fidelity Investments app is perfect for you if you’d like a place to manage your entire portfolio, not only your investments but your chocking accounts, bill pay, credit cards and more. Keeping all your information in one place makes it a simpler task to manage your money and may make making investment decisions easier since your entire financial picture is available to you in one place.

Fidelity Investments also offers live customer service representatives to help you in whatever way you need, from technical support to investing advice, making the app a truly all-in-one money management tool.

5. Wealthbase

Wealthbase is a relatively new app that adds a fun spin to investing: it turns picking stocks and building a portfolio into a game you can play with your friends. By linking to your social media, you can set a timeline and compete against your friends to pick the best stocks and get the highest gains. 

Wealthbase makes investing fun by immersing it in your social environment and making it a game that everyone wins.

If money management intimidates you, or if you think it is not something you can understand or find success with, try these apps and see if they can’t change your mind.


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