5 First Date Topics To Get You Through a First Date

Fun fact: Research shows that it takes just seven seconds for someone to form a first impression. A separate study found it takes just a tenth of a second to determine whether you’re trustworthy.

No wonder first dates are so nerve-racking! When you’re meeting someone for the first time romantically, you want to make the best first impression possible, from your outfit to your conversation.

Luckily, we have some helpful topic ideas to totally nail it. Here are five first date topics you should totally bring up:

1. Ask About Where They Grew Up

A little trip down memory lane for them and some good insight for you! Usually, you can’t go wrong with asking about their childhood. For example, do they have any siblings? What state or city did they grow up in? What are some of their favorite childhood memories? What about schools?

Getting them to open about their past can give you a better insight into their personality and whether you have any common interests.

2. Ask About Their Job

This is usually a pretty safe topic. Ask about their work background, skills, and what they enjoy most about their job. What are their ambitions? Any career goals? Opening up about your professional lives can reveal a lot about work ethic, long-term goals, and priorities.

3. Talk About Hobbies and Interests

Are they the outgoing type that loves the social scene? Are they more introverted and prefer staying in? Are they a movie buff or an avid golfer? Are you fans of the same football team?

When you figure out how they spend most of their time, it will give you a better idea of how much free time they have and how often you might be able to see them. Learning what they like to do for fun can also spark future date ideas!

4. Ask About Their Friends

Your social circle tends to reflect your own personality and can influence you without even knowing it. Usually, people befriend others that share similar interests, values, and opinions. Ask about their closest friends and what they like to do together. You should also pay attention to how they describe their friends — trash talking is definitely a red flag!

5. Talk About Movies, TV, Music, and Books

You can definitely keep the conversation alive with this first date topic since there are endless things to talk about! Are they a true crime addict? Netflix fanatic? Star Wars “nerd?” What do each of you think are some “must-see” TV shows and movies?

Asking these questions is a great way to discover more about each other’s personalities. It’s fun to find out that you’re both into the same reality show or horror flick — you’ll be feeling more connected already!

Now that we’ve covered the best first date topics, let’s take a look at some you should probably avoid: 

Talking About Your Exes

While the topic of exes may come up later down the road, talking about your ex on a first date can come across like you’re not over them. (And if you’re talking about them on a first date, you might not be!)

It can be incredibly awkward to hear the person you like ramble about someone they dated in the past. Whether you’re talking negatively about them or not, we can assure you that your date doesn’t want to hear about it.

Money Talk

You’re on a first date to learn about each other’s personalities, not how much money you have in the bank. (Save that for when the honeymoon phase is over!)

Your Sex Life

Talking about how many people you’ve slept with or how many you’re dating at the moment can be very off-putting (and not to mention a little rude). It’s also incredibly personal for a first date! It’s probably a red flag if your date volunteers that information or asks you about yours.

Work Drama

Just like in a job interview, bashing your company or coworkers isn’t a good look. They’re not going to know what to do with the information, since they have no clue who you’re talking about.

Your Deepest Secrets

When it comes to first date topics, stay away from divulging too much information. Rattling off deeply personal revelations can be uncomfortable for someone who barely knows you. (And you don’t even know if you can trust them yet.)

Marriage and Kids

It’s totally fine to mention that you see yourself getting married one day if the conversation comes up, but don’t spend too much time expressing how anxious you are. Odds are, it will send your date running!

Talking Only About Yourself

It’s normal to get nervous and start rambling, but try to catch yourself from dominating the conversation. If you spend the entire date focusing on yourself without letting your date get a word in, it comes across as super rude.

When it comes to first date topics, the best thing you can do is keep it simple. Keep the conversation light, don’t hold back your true personality, and have fun!

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