Understanding Firearm Safety

Whether you shoot at the range or out in the country, you want to make sure you’re always using your gun safely. Furthermore, you want to make sure that you’re storing and maintaining it correctly. Firearm safety is vital to understand and follow, not only for your protection but also for those around you. Here are some things you should never forget when it comes to being safe with your firearm.

Unload Firearms When You Aren’t Using Them

Never leave a firearm loaded when it isn’t in use. Even if you plan to go to the range late in the day, you don’t want to load it before heading out to save time. You never know if a child or unsuspecting adult could come across the gun in the meantime and hurt themselves. 

When you’re done using your gun, immediately unload it. It’s best to store your firearms and ammunition in safe places that are separate from each other. 

firearm safety
firearm safety

Keep Your Muzzle Pointed Down

When you aren’t actively shooting your gun, make sure you keep the muzzle pointed down. If something were to happen and the firearm discharged, there wouldn’t be anything more than frazzled nerves because the bullet would go into the ground. A great thing to remember is that you never point the gun at anything you aren’t actively planning to shoot. 

Never Assume Your Sights Are Correct

Whether you rely on a rifle scope or RDO mounts, you never want to assume that they are correctly sighted. When you go to the range, first take a couple of test shots to ensure the gun is firing where you want it to. When you don’t ensure that your sights are working correctly, you could end up missing your target and hit something that you didn’t want to. 

Regularly Clean the Firearm

Firearm experts believe that you should always clean it after each use for your gun to work at its best. If you have firearms that you don’t use very often, you should still try to clean them about once a month. 

Firearms are well-tuned machines that need all parts to be in good working condition to work correctly. 80% lower receivers from 80 Percent Arms are milled to perfection on precision CNC machinery.

Guns can’t function correctly with gunk or dirt built up, and misfires or jams can happen. Regular cleanings and proper lubrication can help prevent accidents by removing built-up grease and debris.

It’s important to remember to never use kitchen grease or oil to lubricate any part of the firearm. Only use approved oil that has been rated for use in a firearm.