Finding A Clean Apartment For Long Term Rent

Since many of the top brands in the world are Japanese and Singapore is the financial hub of South Asia, many Japanese companies have offices in Singapore. Also, a large number of people from Japan are living in Singapore. Also, people in Singapore working in Japanese companies may be sent to Japan for some years as part of their job profile. Hence they are interested in finding a clean apartment for long term rent in Japan. Some tips on finding a suitable rental apartment in Japan for a professional are provided below.

House rental

Since a professional relocating to Japan does not know many people in the area, it is advisable to choose a well-established real estate or property rental agency. Though it may be cheaper in some cases, to rent directly from a property owner, there can be problems at a later date. In case of the rental agency, they usually have thousands of properties listed with them, so they have proper systems in place.

The agency will clearly specify the terms and conditions for property rentals at the initial stage, so that there are no disputes later. It is also possible to check reviews of the rental agency before taking a decision.

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Deposits and rentals

One of the factors which a person who is interested in hiring a house should find out before finalizing a rental deal is the deposit and monthly rental which he will have to pay. Typically most property owners are charging a deposit which is equivalent to two or three months rental, which they can use, if the tenant fails to pay the rent. The tenant should have sufficient funds to pay the deposit. In a few cases, the property owner or their rental agency has a proper system of tenant verification, checking their income, so they may not charge a deposit from the tenant, making this the ideal option for individuals who do not have savings.

Housekeeping and maintenance

Tenants should inspect the property personally before signing a deal to ensure that it is clean and well maintained. If the property owner/agency is not doing housekeeping and maintenance, the tenant will have to waste his time and money cleaning the property. The rental agreement should also clearly specify who is responsible for repairs for the property, like any electrical or plumbing problems. Usually, the property owner is taking care of all the maintenance expenses, yet if the damage is caused due to the negligence of the tenant, he may be asked to pay.

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Other factors

The home rental rates for a specific area depend to a large extent on the home size and demand for property. If there is less demand for rental homes in a particular area, the property owner may offer incentives to the tenant, to rent the property. In some cases the tenant will be offered a cashback, one monthly free rent or financial help in furnishing the apartment. In other cases, the rental agency may have a tie up with a moving company who will give a discount on moving charges for any tenant who is a client of the rental agency.

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