Fight Virus game provides fun diversion during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a sudden standstill, leading to financial disruptions and difficulties for many businesses and households all over the world.

In a bid to curb the spread of the deadly virus, many countries imposed strict lockdown orders and those who unfortunately contracted or were exposed to the virus had to self-isolate or remain quarantined until they recovered. Therefore, it is no surprise that due to the heightened level of boredom and anxiety from being stuck indoors, many people turned to online gaming.

Even before the pandemic, the online gaming industry has been growing at a rapid rate, especially with increasing mobile penetration and high-quality internet connectivity. However, the online gaming industry has become a much-needed source of entertainment in this pandemic-afflicted world.

Asides from the entertainment it provides to users, the accessibility of popular online gaming platforms like has encouraged even passive players to become quite engrossed in it, especially with the amount of spare time available to those in complete isolation. Now, even those who were strictly casual gamer have shifted towards playing online games to escape the boredom and experience a virtual connection with other gamers.

One of the numerous games keeping players entertained is Fight Virus—which is inspired by the current COVID-19 crisis. It is a hospital simulation game where players roleplay as either doctors or nurses in a hospital to prevent the virus from spreading any further. The game has a simplistic but original design where players can easily navigate the hospital and ‘kill’ the COVID-19 virus from infecting more patients by tapping on the green virus symbol wherever it appears on the screen.

There are three areas to be covered in the game: the reception, medical check-up desk and the ward. Each part of the hospital requires you to either keep the area clean of any looming virus or interact with the patients to help them recover quickly. There are indicators at the bottom of the screen to help you track your progress and ensure that the hospital isn’t overloaded with the virus.

The ease of play makes this game quite fun for both adults and children alike. Now, with more people seeking ways to stay entertained, this game has great replayability and can be a fantastic way to keep your mind engaged.

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