Female Mullet Hairstyles to Try in the New Year

The mullet hairdo is an old hairstyle worn mostly in the ‘70s and was made famous by the then celebrities. The style was still fashionable in the ‘80s until the 1990s when it burned out. Fashion keeps evolving, and the hairstyle is back. Luckily, nowadays, people are more willing to try new styles, leading to the birth of many mullet hairdos.

Being flexible with your hair helps you to explore more with it. For example, you can add curls, cut the ends or front and texturize it without feeling guilty. If you want to be adventurous with your hair this new year, check out these mullet hairstyles.

Female Mullet Hairstyles
Female Mullet Hairstyles to Try in the New Year

Mullet For Curly Girls

Curly hair can be hard to style, but you cannot go wrong with the mullet hairdo. The look reduces the volume curly hair has, making the hair more manageable. You can make this your signature look if you like it.

Shullet Style

The cullet style is dated between the ‘80s and ‘90s, and it is a style everyone is ready to try today. It is gentle and easy to style, so the wearer does not need to go to their stylist every time.

Pixie Cut Mullet

You can also get a pixie-cut female mullet if you fancy short hairstyles. The style is easy to achieve and style, and it never disappoints. However, the hairstyle looks good on round, oval, and heart-shaped faces because it lengthens the face.

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Bowl Cut

Most ladies are skeptical about trying the bowl haircuts because the style is strong and daring. However, mixing a bowl cut with mullet makes it easier to wear. The bowl cut with mullet is also addictive, and you can make it your everyday style.

Straight And Sleek Mullet

The modernized mullet is easy to style and maintain. The stylist adds some waves at the back and some short bangs at the front. Add your hair products depending on the hair texture, and wear lipstick to add some light to your face.

Wolf Cut

One of the newest styles of the mullet hairdo is the wolf cut. The hairstyle is characterized by more slow layers that add volume and style. It looks good on black and blonde hair.

Textured Mullet

Go for the textured mullet if you want to have a neater head. The style makes the facial features clearer, and the layered waves add some texture to it. It fits ladies who fancy a short hairdo.

Bowie Mullet

Zendaya made the mullet style more beautiful when she added a bowl cut to it during the 2016 Grammy Awards. Since then, the hairdo has been trending, and more people are embracing the look it creates. You can add some light hue at the front strands to pop the style.

Chic Mullet

The chic female mullet is easy to achieve and style. It fits ladies with black and blonde hair. However, if you have lighter hair, you can dye it into these colors.

The Neon Green Mullet Style

Is this another style for the bold, strong, and daring ladies? The neon green mullet is characterized by two tones on the hair; a neon-green top and black ends. However, the front layers are uneven, and the back ones are longer.

Rihanna’s Glamorous Mullet

If you are fun of Rihanna, you must have noticed that she is a mullet girl. However, in most of her mullet styles, the front strands are short and don’t go past the hairline. The back ones are longer and wavy.

The Iconic Mullet

You don’t have to wear the current trending mullet hairstyle. You can also try the ‘70s styles and dye your hair a bright color like orange. This hairstyle never goes unnoticed and creates a lot of attention.

Mullet With Flicked Ends

The mullet with flicked ends hairstyle is easy to style, and you can do it yourself. The style highlights the dull roots, and the front ends are long and a little messy.

Modish Mullet

If you want to get a low-support hairdo, try the modish female mullet. The hairstyle is relaxed and requires very little maintenance.

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