Get the Facts about HPV in Men

Ahcc research association declares that there are many misconceptions related to HPV disease, like it is only prevalent in women, and there is no treatment or prevention. HPV stands for Human papillomavirus. It is not similar to being affected by HIV.

It is common among people as almost the majority of individuals develop it once in their lifetime. It is not just related to women where it develops cervical infections, but it is also common in men. In men, it causes diseases like genital warts, neck and head cancers, etc.

It is sometimes silent:

HPV in men does not produce any symptoms. A person may be HPV positive, and he would be giving it to their partners, but he would not know it by himself. It does go away on its own, especially in men, it goes away after a short period without any treatment, and they recover from it.

If it persists, it leads to cancer:

However, it persists, then it can lead to diseases like cancers. Men develop head, neck, mouth, and prostate cancer cancers if HPV is not treated for a long time. The most common symptoms include Genital warts in men.

Risk factors that increase the chances of HPV in men:

The HPV virus does not differ between genders; however, individual activities and traits increase the chances of developing this disease in men. These include:

  • A weak immune system
  • Un-circumcision
  • Getting in sexual contact with other men

Tests used to identify HPV positive individuals:

The doctors usually examine the genital areas to see if the person is suffering from warts or not. Sometimes warts are not present, so they apply solutions like vinegar to see if there are any. However, most of the time, it is impossible to detect whether a person is favourable or not.

Treatment for HPV men:

Currently, there is no cure to treat HPV disease. The treatments are available to treat the conditions which are caused due to HPV, like genital warts, etc. There are two general methods to treat Genital warts caused by HPV, and these include:

  • Removal of warts through a surgical procedure.
  • Applying the prescribed cream to the affected area.

Vaccination for HPV:

Vaccines are available to prevent HPV disease. In America, a vaccine named Gardasil 9 is developed and approved, administered from 9 to 45. However, according to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, it has been declared that:

  • Vaccines which are available for HPV do not help in treating it.
  • Available vaccines protect against HPV-related diseases like oral cancers etc.
  • Vaccine should be administered before individuals become sexually active with their partner to stop disease spread through sexual contact.
  • If a person is HPV positive, they still should administer the vaccine because it would allow them to fight against other possible strains of the virus.
  • The women who have administered the vaccine should go for screenings because it does not protect against all possible HPV strains.

Prevention using Ahcc supplement:

The researchers have found AHCC HPV men virtually immune to HPV-related disorders, and AHCC plays a vital role in prevention. A person develops HPV due to a weak immune system, and AHCC helps boost immunity and thus helps in its prevention. However, it has also been found useful in controlling diseases like cancers related to HPV.


There are many misconceptions regarding HPV that it is only prevalent in women. It is not true as men also develop it. Often the symptoms are silent, and a person recovers independently, but sometimes it leads to cancers. The vaccine is available to prevent HPV disease, and AHCC supplement can help prevent and treat.

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