An Ultimate Guide On Eye Lash Mapping – Lash Mapping Styles A to Z

Mapping eyelashes are used to bring a person-perfect eye look. There are several lash mapping = lash mapping styles. Besides, there are so many lash mapping experts who are continuing their professional grace. That’s why everyone wishes to be creative in lash mapping. Read this blog to learn about faux mink lashes vs real mink lashes.

We suggest that every eyelash extension artist should be more aware and capable. It will help before anything goes wrong. Here in this article, we commence with that motive. Our writing will surely ensure the best guidance for you.

What Is Eyelash Mapping?

There are several ways to beautify the eye section. Using artificial eyelashes is one of the best ways.

Lash mapping is an estimate of holding the lashes evenly in the customer’s eye.

Lash Mapping = Lash mapping styles are techniques performed by artists each time based on specific client information.

Lash artists use mapping to think back to the length. And each time they dwell on their client’s desired lash look.

Lash mapping is an initiative tool before starting the eyelash extension treatment. Lash mapping arranges different styles related to eye shapes and preferences.

An Ultimate Guide On Eye Lash Mapping
What is lash mapping?

Lash mapping templates guide a technician where to place a lash through the length. It guides while placing the length of lashes across the lash line.

How Many Types of Lash Mapping = Lash Mapping Styles Exists

We know every eye is unique. Experts often need to ensure proper measurement adaptation. But they should not stunt with the mapping guide for the sake of artistic flair.

There are so many lash mapping designs. Which are great eyelash mapping guides for experts to try on customers. Some of the classic eyelash mapping styles are mentioned below.

Natural Lash Mapping

Girls who want natural-looking eyes get a natural lash mapping design. This is the popular traditional style.

Kitten Lash Mapping

It follows the contours of the original length even longer. This style starts with the inner corner drafting the length from 7, then 8, then 9, and the middle marked 10. After the middle length marking starts with 11, then 10 and ends with 9 at the outer corner. Mapping formation is- (7,8,9,10,11,11,10,9)

This style isn’t only a bit glamorous but also charming. It’s a quite popular style by the way.

Open Eye Lash Mapping

This style emphasizes the midst of the eye for the length. Which is the length towards the core of the lash line. Taking the size of each edge creates balanced graduation.

This length will be like starting with 9 from the inner corner. And then the middle section comes with a 12 and after that, it starts to get lower in length. The outer corner will end with 9 like the inner corner.

Open eyelashes mapping style is a perfect choice to open up narrow-shaped gazes.

Cat Eye Lash Mapping

Cat eyelash mapping style provides a more glam look. In this mapping, you have to start drafting the shortest length from the inner corner. Then draft longer lengths and then go through the other corner.

The length difference between the classic and the natural lash should be around 50% further to the outer corner. The whole mapping process is calculated, starting from the inner corner with marking 7 and ending with 9 at the outer corner.

The formation is -(7,8,9,10,11,12,12,11,10,9)

Another popular formation for this type of lash mapping is,


Cat eye mapping for lash extensions is very very popular and many women are regularly looking for it.

Kitten Lash Mapping

Kitten lash mapping is a popular style. It has a similarity to cat eyelash mapping. But there is a noticeable difference between them. That is, kitten eyelashes length always drops down at the very outer contour.

The formation is, (7,8,9,10,11,12,13,13,14,14,14,13,12)

What Is Eyelash Mapping
Guide On Eye Lash Mapping

Baby Doll Lash Mapping

Baby doll lash mapping is a mixture of two trending mapping styles. The natural eyelash mapping and the open eyelash mapping style are combined with this design. This mapping style offers a full look.

A doll eye look takes shape when the longest lashes focus in the middle of the eye.  And the longest length should continue right across the eye line.

The calculation of the mapping is starting with 10, then 11, then 12.  the middle of the eye will be continued marking 12. After the middle part, the marking will continue the sequence with 12, 12, and then the last corner ending up at 11. More specifically the numbering sequence is a (10, 11,12,12,12,12,11).

Kim K Lash Mapping

This style is also a popular eyelash mapping style. The Kim K lash mapping places spikes in different sections through the longer length and gives the wispy set.

Here, the mapping process starts with the inner corner numbering 8. The middle part is numbered at 13. Then the outer corner ends with 11. That number marking sequence is an (8, 9, 11, 13, 11,14,11)

Squirrel Lash Mapping

The squirrel lash mapping look starts with a short length. Then it gets things longer, at the halfway point it gets its longest length and then starts getting shorter again gradually. (7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 11)

Another Formation of eyelash marking can be (7,8,9,10,11,12,12,12,11,10,9,8,7)

Volume Lash mapping

An average volume lash mapping can be like this,


Hybrid Lash Mapping

Hybrid lash mapping is one of the mixture mappings. It can be styled by mixing up 50% volume lashes and 50% classic lashes. It’s a perfect happy medium to make clients who like not being too dramatic or too natural. 

It brings extra fluff and little extra darkness to the lash looks. The formation of the lash length is following bellow,

Hybrids Lash length mapping: (9,10,11,12,13,14,13,12)

Another type of hybrid mapping formation can be;

Bottom line lashes- (8,9,10,10,11,11,10)

Top layer spikes- (11,12,14,14,14,12)

Beachy Lash Mapping

It’s another way to use hybrid lash mapping to get a versatile look by mixing up Russian lashes and classic lashes. This mapping is known as beachy lash mapping.

That time formation will be,

  • Bottom layer with Russian Lashes-  (8,9,10,11,10,9)
  • Top layer with classic lashes-  (9,10,11,12,11)

Another type of beachy lash mapping can be like this.

  • bottom layer (9,10,11,12,12,12,11,10)
  • top layer (10,12,14,14,14,13,12)

Dramatic Lash mapping

It’s a confusing eyelash mapping style. People often get confused about this one with a natural eye shape. But the dramatic lash mapping sets your longest section under the arch of the eyebrow. Which creates a nice curve over the natural eye.

Formation – (8,9,10,11,12,12,13,13,13,12)

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An Ultimate Guide On Eye Lash Mapping - Lash Mapping Styles A to Z
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Why Is Lash Mapping Important?

Lash maps are some eye pads placed on the client before starting lashing. It makes the proportion of the lash length before starting extension work. To use and create a set of lash styling artists do mapping on eyes. The mapping of lash lengths completes a client’s features and eye shape.

It’s a tricky thing to gather skills on creating the lash mapping styles. Each success of Lash Styling follows some specific techniques from the lash mapping guide. We recommend every wishful person to take professional training

A person should seek specific tutorials and techniques to advance their skill. It is always an advantage to the ongoing development of lashing resources.

Lash mapping is based on the lash length and contours before getting into the extension process. Analyzing the length of the extensions according to the client’s natural eyelash is the topmost priority. Before lashing, health and how thick the real eyelash are equally counted.

A client desiring a heavier look than her natural lashes would be a wild choice.

The risk of loading lashes with extra thick extensions can cause premature fallout and damage to the eyelashes. This is why artists use lash pads to draw over the eyes. Using a lash pad to formulate lash sections is good manners. Mapping different lengths before eye extensions help to accomplish the exact look for your client.

The importance of lash mapping can be compared with a game plan for winning a soccer game. Because this is a systematic approach before applying a specific eye look. Artists do lash mapping=lash mapping styles to get the calculation before applying the right density of the eyelashes.

How do you map eyes for eyelash extensions?

Applying lash extensions is time and practice-worthy.  Lash mapping requires a steady hand to the end from the beginning. Putting up the same lash length starting from the inner corner through the outer corner may cause a messy look. At the same time, applying different lengths at random is not appropriate.

Let’s get to know how experts  perform this entire thing,

  1. A set of gel pads is mandated for eyelash mapping. Lay down the client or the mannequin and close their eyes. Now start placing gel pads in the lower lash line.
  1. Get an unnatural colored pen. You can use red, bright blue, pink, green, or even purple colors. But you must avoid using black. It is confusing when the client’s lashes get lost in the black markings.
  1. Draw a straight-down line assuming from the middle of the iris when your client’s eye is opened. That’s an easy way to mark the center lash line.

Then draw another straight line down from the center point to the pad’s end. The eye corner starting from the nose line is “inner”, and the opposite side is the “outer” line. Mark them both.

  1. Bent the lines drawing from the inner line. Then continue till the outer corners of the eye. Be careful while matching the marked lineup to the angles of the lashes.

The artificial length will matter if it is not longer than the client’s lashes. The inner layer and outer layer are your frames. You have to mark those 2 layers before creating the map. Start drawing through the streaks but gently. Don’t press too hard.

  1. Draw shafts between smaller segments. There are 3 and 4 lines respectively through the inner and outer eye layer in the lash map. Try drawing to match the natural lashes of the client.

Mark around with a different width. Draw the widest length in the middle. And then the narrowest length in the outer eye space.

  1. Then mark these lash lengths in millimeters. Write down the numbers right inside each component. Start it from the inner corner and then go at the outer.

Try matching the first and last parts with the client’s natural lashes. Then mark the numbers by increasing, as you go towards the middle. After reaching the middle, decrease marking by 1.

The lash formation may look like this: 8, 9, 10, 11, 11, 10, and 9.

Another example can look like this: 8, 9, 10, 11, 10, 9, and 8.

The Process Of Lash Mapping

  • There are different types of lash curls. They give the actual decorated shape after mapping. These lash curls are very useful to cover the bottom and the outer line of the mapping. These curls are about
  • J curls
  • B curls
  • C curls
  • CC curls
  • D curls
  • L curls
  • Lashes have differences in thickness. Like 0.05mm, 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm, and 0.30mm.
  • Also, there are differences in lash length. Like 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, and 18mm.

A variety of lash sets are,

  • Classic lash set: (1+1+1)
  • Hybrid lash set: (1+3+1+3+1)
  • Volume 3d lash set: (3+3+3)

Mapping Procedure:

  1.  Artists carry out a consultation with customers before eyelash mapping. The mapping gets easier if the client has a clear vision of which lashing style they wanna choose. Then they configure the eye shape and sizes for the next proceedings.
  1. First, they cleanse the eye section and put on eye mapping gel lash pads. The lash pads are placed slightly down from the eye water layer. To better fit the eye pads they often use blue tapes.
  1. Then they apply primer and dry it by fanning.
  1. Then they mark the sections, write down the lengths on the pad according to the style.
  1. After completing the mapping, they start applying the lashes.

Best Suited Eye Lash Mapping According To The Eye Shapes

Before creating a look you have to prioritize the eye shape of your customers. Which mapping suits the best varies on the eye shape? We are going to learn best-suited eye mapping according to the eye shapes.

Almond Eyes

Almond eye shape is the most proportioned eye shape. This eye shape is suitable for lash mapping styles and lashes enhancement. Artists do praise often mentioning this shape.

Hooded Eyelids

Hooded eyelids need lash mapping due to opening the eye. So it is recommended to adjust long lengths in the middle of the eyelid lid. Classic eyelash styles like open eye, squirrel eye, and doll eye will be the best way to fit this shape.

Rounded Eyes

A round eye shape needs less curl. It’s better to place longer lashes through the outer space for more like an almond milk eye shape. Kim k, cat eye, and squirrels are the best mapping style for them.

Downturned Eyes

This eye shape positions downwards from the outer lash streaks. Which demands volume on the veneer to create an elevation for a bright look with an even decoration. Suggested lash mapping maybe classic cat eye, squirrel eye, etc.

Close Set Eyes

This eye shape has fewer eye spaces than comparing one eye space apart. To make a broad eye look we recommend drawing extending to the outer surface. This will help to offset the look. Suggestions are cat-eye look or squirrel.

Deep Set Eyes

These shapes of eyes are set back in the eye socket. It needs to bring the eye out by proper styling. Calculate the lengths and curls before applying. Make sure using those doesn’t irritate the eyelids. Eyelash mapping will face failure if used lashes irritate the eyelid. Suggested styles can be an open eye style or doll eye.

Single Lid eyes

This is a very common eye shape. Specifically in Asian women. Their natural lashes are straight. So, having a lash curl will create a dramatic impression. Cat-eye mapping, Squirrel lash mapping, and Doll eye styles can be applied.

Protruding Eyes

While mapping on protruding eye shape, try avoiding long-length lashes. Using shot length will work on these.

Why You Should Follow Lash Mapping

  • When working with layers, lash mapping works for the artist to notice what kind of lashes should be selected. It lets an artist keep everything accurate
  • You should do eyelash mapping before settling for a look. If you don’t, there are chances of one eye looking incompatible or wider than the opposite one.
  • You should try to lash mapping to achieve a wider extension style. This will help you find the right styling options based on eye features.
  • Lash mapping helps you to save working time. Because it gives you accurate information while selecting the materials before lash styling. If there is no confusion, then there will be no time-wasting.

Tools Used In Lash Mapping And Lash Extension

There are various tools used for eyelash mapping and eyelash extension. Here are some tools descriptions and user manual,

Eyelash Extension Cleanser

Before mapping or lash extension, a primer or remover may ensure gentle, easy removal. Lash extensions wisps as well as extra bonds and seals. Nourishes the eye area when properly cleaned.

Fill a cotton pad with pads over the eyes for 10 seconds. Then gently wipe and remove the excess peel; Whips that are easy to apply and easy to remove

Lash Mapping Stickers

Lash mapping stickers are some special kinds of paper pieces that are marked with numbers and portions. Stickers are to guide lash artists to save their working time. Beginners do also use stickers to make the accurate mapping. Stickers are usually applied over the eye pads. It also ensures the safety of the lower lash part during lash mapping and lashes extension. The

Eyelash Extension Paper/Eye Pads

For professional eyelash extension applications, it is used to reduce dark circles and eye puffiness.

During eye extension, it is applicable for clients to have a hassle-free treatment. Pads are also used for eye safety and no irritability.

Eyelash pads provide a soft base on the top of the lower eye pad. Pads are useful when the drawing work starts with the eyes.

Lash extension under-eye tape

It is a good accessory to isolate upper eyelashes and lower lash under-eye eyelash extensions.

The eyelash extension tapes are gentle and will not harm the skin.

It’s a good adhesive and easy to tear and cut into any length or shape needed.

Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Tweezer is easy to make a fan of. A whole eyelash extension tweezers kit is suitable for volume lash extension of and individual lashes. Tweezers are used to handle eyelashes during the whole function.

Eyelash Extension glue

Glue is an important eyelash adhesive. It gives duration to the eyelashes. This creates a high-quality service for clients and allows them to enjoy their lash extensions.

This high-quality adhesive saves huge time for you and allows more efficient service to customers.  Premium individual eyelash glue provides not only for volume lashes but also for premium and classic lashes. The glue keeps the glue lashes intact for the longest time.

There are also eyelash tension templates, eyelash extension kits, and eyelash extensions fans used as working tools.

What To Avoid After Lash Mapping For Beginners

Whether we admit it or not, we’re all highly experienced at making mistakes as beginners. So, we need to correct those mistakes to improve our careers.

Here are some instructions on avoiding some mistakes after lash mapping.

Decide How Much Adhesive To Use

Don’t use too much glue. It will make the lashes too sticky, which is so irritating. An excessive amount of glue takes a long time to get dry also. Which may cause imperfections during lashing.

Don’t use too little also. That will decrease the lasting time of lashes. Just scoop a bit in the adhesive and make the tiniest ball on the lash.

Avoid Isolating ”Perfect Lash” Too Slowly

Start isolation from the inner layers of baby lashes. Don’t hesitate on choosing which one to do first. As you have to apply for an extension on every lash, doesn’t matter which one you chose to isolate first. But make sure to do the process without wasting time.

Avoid Incorrect Stylings

Avoid Incorrect mixing of curls, lash lengths, and thickness. Always consider the client’s natural lashes condition before applying for extensions. Incorrect styling may damage natural lashes and the perfect extension look. Considering the client’s facial and eye features are the best way to do a perfect extension style.

Follow The Correct Pre-treatment

Do not mess while starting extension strategies. Always ensure that you did with a proper pre-treatment. Cleans the eyelash properly with a primer. Confirm using good tools throughout the treatment.

Maintaining Distance From The Lid

To manage an even-looking style from both eyes, maintaining the correct distance from the lid. Don’t set the lashes too far or too close to the lid. That may bring pain and discomfort to the eyes. If lashes are too close to lids, the adhesive may cause a chemical burn on the eyelid.


Stickies are very problematic for natural eyelashes. After every extension, make sure there are no stickies in-between eyelashes. You should check properly by isolating every eyelash and getting confirmation. Check from the lash root by typing with a tweezer and don’t forget the eye layers also.

Avoid Bad Lash Direction

All beginners make a common mistake with the lash directions. Of the two types of lash directions, one is the base direction and the other is the tip direction.

Base direction is like sunbeams coming out from the eyelid and the tip direction marks the tip of the extensions. If you don’t keep an eye on maintaining these directions, the whole treatment will become a mess. Try using a small mirror while executing the process and be careful of fanning.

Place Eyepatches Correctly

Try to use extra sensitive eyepatches. Jiggy and flexible eyepatches ensure comfort for the eye water-line.

Start placing patches from the inner eye layer and make sure it doesn’t touch the eye water-line. Incorrect pacing of eyepatches may cause a chemical burn and great discomfort for the client.

A Few Tips On Eye Lash Mapping

Tip – 01

The length of eyelashes specifies the desired look. So every time mapping on eyelashes you should be alert to maintain the client’s eye shape and length. Don’t ever apply longer lashes than clients’ natural lashes.

Tip – 02

You should follow the eyelash mapping guide to see where the measurements go. Mapping lengths may fluctuate from person to person. But the streaks will be ascending and descending at the same points.

Tip – 03

There is another very important tip on lash mapping. When you start mapping for a person who wears glasses, be furthermore careful about the lash length. Don’t let the lash brush the glasses against every blink. Try shorter lengths.

Tip – 04

Lash mapping is a subject that takes years to realize. Because every time you get a different person to map. So, the experience you get every time needs to be initiated. You should practice a lot and learn from the slips.

Tip – 05

You should consider taking customers’ opinions every time. That may seem hard in some cases. Because the customer is not always right. But you have to take her consultation. Besides, the look that they want may not match their eye shape and lash length. When this happens, you must adjust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best lash mapping style for an almond-shaped eye?

Almond-shaped eyes are the best fit for picking any lash mapping style. You can style for any classic eyelash like doll eye, cat eye, squirrel eye. Any style will be the best pick with Almond-shaped eyes.

What is the difference between Classic and Volume 3D?

Classic is a method where lash extensions are like a formation of  (1+1+1). The classic extension is applied with 1 natural lash. And volume 3d is a formation of (1+3+1+3+1). Applied with 3 extensions for 1 natural lash.

Do eyelash extensions damage natural lashes?

No, it does not damage natural lashes. When the natural lashes fall off on their own, it falls off automatically. But if improper application occurs, it can cause damage to the natural lashes.

What is the Lash mapping formation for dramatic eyes?

It’s a confusing eyelash mapping style with a natural eye shape. dramatic lash mapping sets the longest section under the arch of the eyebrow. And the formation is – (8,9,10,11,12,12,13,13,13,12)

Last Few Words

Lash mapping = lash mapping styles are very important while working on eyelash extension treatment. Even not using the lash mapping makes the eyelash extension task difficult for experts.

Mapping eyelashes is a very short procedure before hopping in the treatment. But it retains a vital consequence on the overall look. Lash mapping is a great way to explore a variety of looks. It brings you professionalism when creating the most suitable lash extension style for each eye shape.

People are getting more and more interested in lash mapping, which is widely discussed and used in the present age of fashion. In this article, we presented a huge source of information that holds A to Z of the lash mapping trends. Hopefully through this, we have been able to benefit you even in the slightest.

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