Extend Your Trip from Vancouver to Ottawa City

Canada is among the world’s finest destinations for spending vacations and quality family time. Millions of tourists visit Canada every year and spend time touring major cities and districts. The chilly and extremely cold weather of Canada is enjoyed by thousands of travelers who plan their tours between mid-November to February. Vancouver, also known as Gastown, offers alluring wide landscapes and scenic beauty for travelers and tourists. It is surrounded by forests and contributes significantly to the forest industry. Vancouver is a coastal district bordered by Fraser River in the south and English Bay in the North. As a tourist, one can always plan short city tours for sightseeing coastal belts and the lush greenery covered in thick ice during the winter seasons.

Canada has always been a great host to travels, tourists, and immigrants from various world regions. After completing the Vancouver city tour, tourists can travel via flights to Ottawa City, the capital of Canada. While staying in Canada, one can visit fine dining restaurants, cathedrals, museums, national landmarks and play some online games in Casino Days. Tourists and seasoned gamblers can enjoy gambling day and night, playing Baccarat, Texas Holdem Poker, Online Slots, Bridge, Russian Roulette, and many other exciting casino games online. Online casinos offer an ideal interactive virtual environment, where thousands of online gamblers and amateur players try their luck winning the jackpot worth thousands of dollars.

Ottawa is a worth visiting destination for travelers and tourists from around the globe. Ottawa offers a quite distinct landscape from other cities and districts. Ottawa has a much lower cost of living and is among the most recommended city for incoming new immigrants. While visiting Ottawa, tourists can easily access a user-friendly transit system, expanding into suburbs and remote areas near the highways and uptown districts. Hotels and motels can be easily booked via Airbnb and other online booking platforms. If you plan to visit Canada this winter, don’t miss out on searching about the most fascinating and beautiful tourist destinations across Ottawa City. Continue reading to find out about the best destinations and tourist spots for your family and friends.

Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal Skateway is the finest spot for tourists and visitors visiting Ottawa. The Skateway is accessible 24/7, depending upon the weather conditions. Tourists can visit at dawn, with their skates on, and mesmerize the breathtaking sunrise and incoming sun rays, making the environment warm and cozy. The skating arena, 8Km from the Rideau Canal, is considered the world’s largest skating rink offering a great natural surface for professional and amateur skaters. If you love sitting in a cozy spot and finding your inner self, you can sit on the walkaways running parallel to the canal. To stay up with the extreme breezy weather, tourists can relish the local shops’ best cocoa powdered latte and ice creams. Moreover, tourists can experience the tempting Beavertail pastry, Poutine, a sizzling snack served with spicy gravy over chicken and fries.

ByWard Market

ByWard Market is among the most popular locations for tourists and visitors visiting Ottawa City. Tourists and residents always love picking seasoned fruits, assorted nuts, and local cuisines from ByWard Market, located at ByWard Market Square. ByWard Market never fails to impress incoming visitors and tourists from European and Asian countries. The splendid blend of spices, poultry, seafood, fresh fruits, veggies, and assorted deserts keep visitors attached to the local sellers and vendors. According to the local sources, around 600 vendors independently operate during their working hours, 7 days a week. Over the years, many high boutiques and exotic cafes have dominated the market trends, attracting thousands of visitors every week. The ByWard Market Street is decorated with alluring flowers according to the season, making it an ideal walkway for couples, families, and friends. Tourists can enjoy delicious bagels, Tandoori butter chicken, and iced bubble tea served in various cafes and roadside restaurants. Moreover, you can shop for cute and traditional dresses, artistic jewelry sets, and cultural souvenirs from local vendors and artisans.

Fairmont Château Laurier

Your city tour is incomplete without a short tour of the iconic landmark, Fairmont Château Laurier, located at Rideau Street. The luxury hotel, as always been among the finest destinations for tourists traveling from Europe, Australia, and Asia. Fairmont Château Laurier is in the center of the downtown, which tourists visit to take memorable landscapes and portraits. If you visit downtown during the extreme winter season, you will observe Fairmont Château Laurier, covered in snow, creating an eye-catching look. If you manage to book a suite in Fairmont Château Laurie, you can feel and mesmerize the Ottawa River and Rideau Canal views. Fairmont Château Laurier is famous for offering great hospitality and amenities to Canada’s great businessmen, politicians, and industrialists. Fairmont Château Laurier is also known as a third chamber parliament, as many politicians preferred staying back in Ottawa for discussing matters over short tea sessions. Tourists can enjoy the best authentic cuisine and beverages during their stay at Fairmont Château Laurier.

National Gallery of Canada

The art and culture of every country represent their ethics, beliefs, concepts, and traditions. Canada is a well-diversified and culture-oriented country backed by historical landmarks, museums, and traditional centers. The National Gallery of Canada is a few blocks away from the main Parliament Centre Downtown. The gallery is famous for artistic glimpses of the renowned architect Moshe Safdie. Moreover, it exhibits more than 40,000 conceptual and creative frameworks from the 14th to 21st Century. Hundreds of tourists and nationals visit the National Gallery of Canada, contributing to the state-owned funds and donations.

Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu is Canada’s finest culinary art school, offering freshly prepared authentic meals and cuisines for tourists and visitors. It is in the heart of Ottawa City, at Munros’ Mansion, downtown. While dining at Le Cordon Bleu, you would love relishing the authentic French cuisines and seasonal salads. World’s best-trained chefs and culinary art experts practice French techniques to prepare the best dishes for visitors.

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