What To Do When You Are Exposed To Toxic Substances On Your Job?

Millions of people are exposed to toxic substances in the workplace. Some have the knowledge of it, while others remain clueless. No matter whether you are aware of your toxic work environment or not, it is important that you know what to do once you have got injured.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people end up being severely ill because of continued exposure to toxic chemicals or items. If you are one of them, a toxic exposure lawyer in Jersey City can help you seek justice. When your health is on the line, you should not hesitate to seek help as soon as possible.

What to do when you are exposed to toxic substances on your job

Report the incident to a supervisor

When you realize you have been exposed to a dangerous substance, you must report it to one of your supervisors in the company. This is the first and most important step of your claims process. If you do not report the incident, it seems unresponsible on your part. The sooner you report the incident, the sooner your company can begin investigating the case. Moreover, if you waste time, the less likely they will gather evidence.

Note down how the exposure occurred

As soon as an exposure takes place, you should write down all the details you can remember. Journaling helps you remember minute but important details of the incident. By the time you get the chance to report it to the supervisor, you may have forgotten various little details without even realizing it.

Get the names of the witnesses

Workplaces in Jersey City are usually full of people during work hours. Therefore, there might be a chance of someone in the area witnessing the toxic exposure incident. When the incident takes place, the victim must look around for witnesses. You could also ask your employer for the CCTV footage of the area or nearby area to see if anyone had watched you.

Get medical treatment

While workers’ compensation is supposed to pay for your medical injuries, it might be weeks before you can get your hands on the money. In the meantime, you must see the doctor and diagnose your injuries. This will not only help you begin your treatment quickly but also document your injuries.

One thing you must do is tell your healthcare provider that you were exposed to toxic substances. Such substances can be life-threatening.

An attorney can help you get the justice you deserve. They can help you gather evidence and develop strategic arguments to fight the other party. Contact one today.