Online casino streaming works the same as you stream live on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms. In this article, we will explore the latest technologies in online casino streaming. But the question arises, what is the need for streaming in online casinos.

Online casinos have become very popular since the post-pandemic, and more and more people are enrolling in these platforms. In the early 2000s, the technologies weren’t advanced enough to showcase the gameplay, which started creating problems for the players as it was difficult to identify who were real players and who were bots.

To resolve the glitches, smartphones had revolutionized the gambling market by the mid-2000s. The new interface was developed accordingly, taking the basics of live casino games to the next level. Additionally, HD web cameras and GPUs have helped the gambling platforms to handle HD feeds online. 

So, let’s see the list of the latest technologies that are essential for hassle-free online casino streaming.

8 Latest Technologies Needed To Stream Live Casino

1) Latest Streaming Software

In order to do live casino streaming in online casino games, you need to have the latest streaming software available on the market. The streaming software is a source that enables streaming through gambling websites. Streaming software helps to transmit the player’s feed at high speed without lagging. This software doesn’t use your CPU, so your videos run smoothly, and the game you are playing will stream fast.

With the help of this software, you can also record your gameplay and upload it on other platforms. At the same time, you can stream online on Twitch or YouTube. You can create your YouTube channel to earn money through these videos.

2) High-Quality Web Camera

A web camera is the heart of a live online casino that is used to link players with the dealers through a computer or smartphone. The live casino games provide three viewing angles for the players so that dealers can interact with each other. And to fulfill the demand for the features provided, you need a high-quality HD web camera and a stable internet connection for smooth live streaming.

With the help of this technology, players can recognize the difference between bots and real dealers. Most casinos have success the delivering real world-class table and sitting that makes the game more realistic.

3) Highly Configured Computer & Smartphone

As we have discussed above, smartphones and computers have changed the way of online casino games. They are equally important to web cameras as you need a device to access the game. For efficient and smoothing streaming, the devices should have CPUs, graphics, and operating systems that can handle HD videos. Fortunately, today’s devices have high graphic processing units with required CPUs and processors that many gamers use for live streaming.

And in the same way, gamblers also use these gadgets for joining live casino games. And again, one should have a good internet connection to avoid lagging. Poor quality resources can increase lagging, so keep in mind that use the latest technology that is required for online casino streaming.

4) Game Control Unit (GCU)

Another technology that is being used for online streaming is the Game Control Unit (GCU). GCU is like a computer program that receives your video feed from your web camera and converts the data that only the machine can understand. It then decodes the data to transmit your feed to dealers and others. 

This power Gaming Control Unit makes the process of encoding and decoding super-fast to keep live streaming smooth. You must have an advanced GPU program to walk with the latest technology of today’s online casinos and play with other players smoothly.

5) Dealer’s Monitor

The dealer’s monitor is the most important technology that is being used in a live online casino. Live casinos game involves the use of human dealers to monitor and help the players. Dealers also monitor how players are making their bets. The dealer’s monitor can instruct them to do the work correctly and remove the players if they break the rules. The dealer’s monitor is the same as the player’s monitor and can view the players as you view them in your system.

6) Digitized Casino Wheels

The roulette wheels and machines used in online casinos use sensors to record data; in this case, casinos produce winners after specific attempts with the help of an algorithm used in slot machines. Online casinos reciprocate a brick-and-mortar setting that consists of a small room with one dealer. These rooms have wheels and machines that are digitized to transmit the data automatically to the players. You can view the result through the cameras, and it can also record and store the data.

7) Latest Cloud-Based Servers

All the data of the game and players are needed to be stored and managed while playing live casinos. Today’s online casinos use cloud-based servers to record the data and make the streaming faster. The data stored in these servers are needed to access frequently in the ongoing games, and dealers are facilitated to grab the data when it is needed.

8) Security System

Going online includes so many issues like cyber-attacks or can be hacked by hackers. To avoid this, the casinos should have an advanced security system that can protect the players and the data of casinos. This is the duty of online casinos to provide a secure environment for the players. So, a trustable security system should be installed to avoid any type of threat while streaming online.

Bottom Line 

Live casinos are the most popular ways to play casino games. Live casinos are popular in Asia, especially in Thailand where they are called “คาสิโนจีคลับ” in Thai. Slowly all online casinos are improving themselves and making the environment more realistic. This is becoming possible due to advances in technologies by improving graphic and processing units. In this article, we have covered all the latest technologies to explore your online casino streaming. 

Now, online casinos have become technologically so advanced that you can see the actual players playing through videos. It has become easy to identify the difference between bots and real players.


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