Explore the Top Online Healthcare Degrees For 2021

We live in times where mainstream careers aren’t the only high-paying careers anymore. For instance, take the healthcare industry; going to a medical school and becoming a doctor isn’t the only viable option now. That’s right; now, you can pursue high-end educational degrees from the comfort of your computer. Receiving online degrees isn’t uncommon anymore due to the ongoing pandemic. Therefore, anyone looking to pursue alternate high paying careers in the healthcare industry can look at some of the following top online degrees for 2021:

1. Psychological Sciences:

This online degree is well-designed for those with a non-psychological background. The course outline of this Psychological Sciences (Conversion) MSc online degree gets accredited by BPS (British Psychological Society) to enhance your existing data analysis and professional skills. The best thing about this course is that it will help you build a strong foundation in psychological practical research skills and knowledge. After you complete this course, you’ll have advanced knowledge of psychology’s cognitive, social, and biological aspects.

2. Disaster Medicine Training:

Disaster management and dealing with emergency medicine is one of the more unconventional yet rewarding online healthcare degrees you can pursue this year. Even though this degree has less to do with in-depth medical knowledge, it is still a significantly valued separate specialty in medicine. It will not only help you learn how to respond, recover, and plan during a disaster but also let you focus on immediate medical treatment to survivors. The course is an eight-week long, focusing on field exercises by lecturers and disaster knowledge.

3. COVID-19: Effective Nursing in Times of Crisis:

Any healthcare degree related to the latest pandemic will be a plus point in your career at the moment. Most of our healthcare professionals got exposed to the pandemic unprepared despite professional education and training. Therefore, an online degree in this course will prepare you better to effectively respond to a patient in this crisis and provide high-quality care. This two-week course is an all-rounder as nurses, and any healthcare professional can benefit from the course.

4. Masters of Public Administration in Healthcare Management:

This particular online healthcare degree is for someone looking to influence and help the patients, their families, and the staff. This course aims to understand and foundational knowledge of budget structure, the business of operations and finances of healthcare facilities, employee development, workplace safety, expenditure policies, and revenue policies to administer quality patient care. The course also prepares students regarding strategic planning, healthcare policies, public budgeting, and financial management.

5. Online Doctorate in Social Work:

This online course is for aspiring social workers who want to gain advanced knowledge and move forward in their careers. Even though an online doctorate in social work isn’t directly related to medicine, social workers are an integral part of the healthcare field. This online course will help those interested in pursuing it with strategic thinking, competence in research, advocacy to improve social change, social strategies, analyzing theory, and more. A medical social worker needs to acquire skills related to practicing social change and policy and tackling social needs and problems that this course will undoubtedly provide.

6. Fundamentals of Pharmacology:

An online degree in pharmacology means learning about the science of drugs and everything from the healthcare profession to medication composition. You will also learn to understand the fundamental effects of drugs on living systems and pharmacology basics. The Fundamentals of Pharmacology is an exciting and unique degree. It offers students a chance to study specialized areas on drug therapies and focus on the best outcomes by helping patients.


The year 2021 is a road to recovery, especially for the healthcare sector, as it was in the frontline against the pandemic.  The streamlining of online education has produced many opportunities for students to pursue new and countless degrees online. The above list of online healthcare degrees is some of the latest and high-paying this year.

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