The Top 7 Expert Tips On How To Win At Slots

Online pokies favour Kiwi players, as evidenced by those life-changing pokie cash prizes scooped by many lucky New Zealanders. For instance, do you remember Rawiri Pow, a lucky spinner who reeled in a NZ$ 10 million payout on the well-known Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming?

So, what is the secret to winning at online casino slots you ask? Well, you can’t cheat slots, to begin with. These are games purely based on luck. But you can utilize some best practices that help players win more often by improving their odds.

Below you’ll find some expert, practical tips to remember when spinning the reels on slots.

Slots with Bonuses Will Do The Trick

There are plenty of online casino slots real money titles to select from at online casinos. Do you like adventure-themed titles? Or perhaps fruit-centred games are your jam? Well, don’t forget that the theme of the slot has nothing to do with your winning chances. The game’s bonus features should be prioritised over your theme preferences if you’re looking to make a profit from a pokie.

Free spins, jackpot rounds, sticky wilds, respins, progressive multipliers, etc. will give you a higher value for your wagers and add an extra layer of thrill to your gameplay.

If you don’t know where to start, bonus extras with a payout punch can be found in such celebrated titles as Gonzo’s Quest, Money Train 2, Elvis Frog in Vegas, Tombstone, West Town, Jammin’ Jars, Book of Dead, and Immortal Romance among others. Hop to online casino slots real money New Zealand to play all these well-performing games and many more popular titles for free or for real money.

Make Sure You Play High Payout Percentage Slots

One of the common mistakes made by players is ignoring the slot’s Return to Player (RTP). But can you really afford to ignore the amount of money that will be given back to you for every slot machine that you play? We don’t think so and we highly recommend that you pick online casino slots with high RTPs, which, in the long run, will substantially improve your odds.

Games with a Return to Player rate of 96% are acceptable, with some titles rewarding you with as much as 99%. For instance, Mega Joker pokie at the site is a retro slot with nostalgic images and a house edge of only 1%.

Taking Riskier Bets VS Playing Safe

There are two categories of online casino slots players: 1) players who have bigger bankrolls and can take riskier bets; 2) gamblers with modest bankroll sums who cannot afford to take a lot of risks. That said, depending on which group of gamblers you belong to, you have two options.

You can choose high volatility games, where winning combinations land rarely, but when they do, they are of a substantial nature. Of course, high volatility games require patience and a big bankroll.

Or, you can play low-volatility titles, where frequent yet modest wins are waiting for you. Higher hit frequency titles will keep you in the slot for a long time but you’re less likely to amass riches by playing these games.

Progressive Jackpots Are Not Worth Chasing

Progressive jackpot online casino slots may offer life-transforming payouts, but those juicy sums come from somewhere… Does this mean that the normal spins produce smaller returns to account for the future jaw-dropping payouts? Exactly!

Progressive jackpot slots have significantly lower RTPs than regular slot machines with fixed jackpots. That said, lower payouts will quickly deplete your bankroll, which means you won’t be playing for an extended time.

Then again, if your budget is not that small and you live for the thrill of the spin, giving yourself a tiny little chance of winning millions more than your bet may be a good idea. At the Wildtornado casino, you can try you luck at Mega Moolah, the most generous progressive jackpot slot ever.

Always Remember That Pokies Are Random

If you believe that online casino slots real money creations have a pattern and you tend to build your game strategies on this belief, you risk losing plenty of money, mate. Why? Simply because there are no such things as patterns in slot machines. Well, if people could predict the outcome of the next spin, would slot machines be as exciting as they are today?

The truth is that the result of each spin is determined by the number picked by the Random Number Generator. Why can you trust the RNG? Because the RNG algorithms in slots and other casino games are constantly checked for accuracy by third-party companies. If you play slots at a licensed casino like Wildtornado, you can be sure that the RNG programmes perform as they should and you won’t be cheated when you play your favourite online casino slots.

Be in control of your budget

Just like other casino games out there, online casino slots are created to be addictive. Knowing when it’s the right time to stop playing is the most important secret to maximizing your winnings – every professional player knows that!

So make sure you decide on a stop-loss limit before your every gaming session and never go beyond it. It’s also a great idea to set a stop-win limit. Do you remember the phrasing ‘stop while you are ahead’?

Test The Pokies You Choose To Play

Test new online casino slots real money offerings by playing them for free. Premiere online betting sites like enable you to play all the trendy and new games in demo mode with no deposit.

Most online casinos will also offer you attractive bonuses. Why don’t you use them to improve your odds? Every little helps! So go for the best bonus deals! But before you collect those, make sure the bonus wagering conditions are acceptable.


Knowledge is power! Now that you know our top practical tips on how to make a success of your game, why not get started with the best online casino slots real money New Zealand offerings immediately?

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