ExoGun DreamPro: Easy to Use and Powerful Massage Gun

Massage guns are some of the most underrated technological devices around, combatting stress and alleviating pain throughout the body. There are numerous products on the market, but few are as versatile and convenient as ExoGun DreamPro. This gadget can deliver a large number of percussions per minute, offering a quick path to instant recovery. It can also target most of your muscles, which allows you to perform a full-body treatment effortlessly.

In this entry, we’ll give you a detailed review of ExoGun and reveal how it can help your body.

Deep Tissue Massage on the Go

One of the most appealing aspects of ExoGun is its ability to render quick treatments wherever you are. You can use the device for a five-minute session and cover your thighs, necks, arms, or calves. Since the model is cordless and light, you can whip it out in your car or office without any issues.

Apart from the easy-to-use design, this portable massager is incredibly effective. It relies on percussive therapy to reach deep areas of your muscles and remove any pain.

ExoGun DreamPro
ExoGun DreamPro – Massage on the go

For instance, if you’re suffering from exercise soreness, percussion massage can relieve it rapidly. It lets you move faster, increases flexibility, and boosts your mood.

Also, if you’re dealing with tight muscles, you can break them up after a few sessions with your ExoGun. It releases tension and knots, keeping your body limber and your muscles healthier.

Highly Competitive Motor

Putting out between 1200 and 3200 percussions each minute, ExoGun’s motor is a high-performing and robust model. It outperforms most similar products on the market and features six adjustable speed settings.

You can apply manual pressure for more power, but the machine will shut down at 60 pounds per square inch, to prevent injuries to your bones and joints.

While your pain threshold may be impressive, 60 pounds is more than enough to recover your muscles after strenuous exercise. There are 16-millimeter strokes, too, which is an ideal length.

Attachments to Meet All Your Massage Needs

ExoGun manufacturers didn’t stop at just one attachment. Instead, there are four extensions to target practically any muscle group:

  • Bullethead – The Bullethead is the most intense attachment that delivers focused percussions to small areas or tight knots.
  • Ballhead – This is the primary attachment designed for larger muscles.
  • Forkhead – Targeting muscles near your spine, the Forkhead percusses these delicate regions without bumping your spine.
  • Flathead – This is a multifunctional attachment with moderate intensity. It also has a non-invasive shape that doesn’t hurt your joints or bones. Consequently, it’s an excellent starting point for glutes and other big muscles.
ExoGun DreamPro

User-Friendly Handle

ExoGun DreamProcomes with a pistol handle, with most of the weight, focused on the upper section above the hand. In most cases, this design offers optimal stability and range of motion.

The gadget is designed for one-handed use when treating nearly all muscle groups, including the spinal region and behind your head. You can operate the device on your own, especially if you’re tackling your legs, arms, shoulders, and pecs. The pistol grip delivers much-needed stability and guarantees pinpoint accuracy.

High-Capacity Battery

Another admirable quality of ExoGun is its long-lasting battery. The product can last for approximately four hours on a single charge, depending on your setting. Therefore, service time decreases with intense power output and greater manual pressure.

To fully charge the device, you’ll need to connect it to the power supply for around two hours.

ExoGun DreamPro - Massage with romance
ExoGun DreamPro – Massage with romance

Fend Off Stress and Experience Instant Muscle Pain Relief

Aches and pains and stress are an inevitable part of life, but there is an efficient way to address them. With ExoGun DreamPro, you can handle various types of pain in your muscles and combat tightness in just a few minutes. Plus, you can use the massager anywhere and maneuver it without a hitch.

To get more details on this product, head over to www.exogun.com.

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