The Evolution of Calendars

Calendars are one of the most important things in our day-to-day life. Calendars help you plan almost everything, and without them, the whole world can turn into a huge mess. Calendars are used for the most simple yet important practical use – to get information about days and track future events happening on a given date. Now there have been a lot of changes in the calendar printing process since it first started. Calendars help people to manage days, schedules, time and activities, etc. Calendars are the only way to give any significance to date or month. It helps in determining the farming months, start and end of business periods, religious days and holidays, etc. It’s almost impossible to imagine the world without calendar systems.

Where it all Started

In the initial days of humankind, the sun and moon helped with timekeeping as they were the regular recurring events of nature. Soon, many civilizations around the world started creating their own calendars. The Mayans, Babylonians, Egyptians, and Chinese had their calendars which were integrated with their culture. The Sumerian and the Bronze Age Egyptian

calendars were the first-ever physical calendars. In India, calendars were introduced for timekeeping and Vedic rituals. In 1582 came the first modern reforms of the ancient calendars.

Usage of calendars

Calendars as Decorative Items

Other than the practical uses of the calendar, they are also used as decorative items. This application of calendars is popular. In ancient times, huge wall and floor calendars helped as decorative additions to houses.

Generally, rather than being a bland system of numbers and dates, there are images or designs. Images of seasons during a particular month, beautiful landscapes, wildlife, models, automobiles, and many others.

Calendars as Means of Promotion

As the concept of decorative calendars started gaining popularity, big business houses thought of it as an opportunity for promotion, so they started making their calendars.

These calendars had their brand names and contact information and started using them as merchandise to promote themselves. These calendars are necessary to keep the buzz around the company, which can drive the business’s momentum. People use calendars daily, so having a brand logo and information about it every time they watch the calendar, they will think about the brand. All these make calendars a successful and efficient means of brand promotion.

Types of Calendars Used Decoration and Promotions.

  • Motivational calendars are the calendars that have motivational quotes on each day. It can help people to get inspired every time they look at the calendar for dates.
  • Landscape calendars have pictures from all over the world – Norwegian mountains, Sahara desert, Amazon forest, etc. These calendars serve as a beautiful decorative item for the room.
  • Cooperative calendars are the ones where there are mostly pictures of the products that the brand sells.
  • Funny desk calendars are also promotional calendars, but they add humor to the customer’s mind by cartoon characters.
  • Personalized calendars are custom-made calendars that anybody can use and write anything that they want. These are good options to give gifts to people by writing their names or any message.

The use of calendars has come a long way. While there is no way to avoid its practical utility, calendars for decoration and promotions will always be there, and brands will always use this to their profit.

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