Everything to know about the CCIE Security lab exam

CCIE or Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts are very well known over the world. It is a kind of exam that’s one goal to find the IT experts. The people who pass the exam get a certificate and the experts get some extra advantages over any other normal IT experts. You can find more about  CCIE Security in the link. So go check them out, and I hope you will get some useful information there. So if you are interested in CCIE Security, then the article will help you a lot. So keep reading.

What is CCIE security?

If you want to find out something important about  CCIE security, you should first know what CCIE security is. The meaning of CCIE security means the person who has obtained the CCIE security certificate is considered an IT security expert. CCIE security is one of the most demandable and one of the most prestigious IT department certificates. In the past 15 years, the demand and reputation of CCIE security have increased a lot.  The person who has obtained this certificate has an extra reputation and a higher pay scale than any other IT security expert.

CCIE exam process

The CCIE has changed about five times, and now it has become separated into two parts. One is written, and one is lab exams. The written exam happens in two hours, and you have to answer about 90 to 100 questions in a limited period. The questions are all about designs, implementations, troubleshoot of all kinds of security problems, and you have to find the solutions. You can’t use any outside materials, and you have to complete all the questions in a close book.

CCIE security lab exam

The CCIE Security lab exam happens in 8 hours, and It requires the user to design, troubleshoot complex security things, and implement. But for the troubleshooting, you will get about one hour. To pass all of these things, you have to have full preparation and clear knowledge about IT security. You can find some help with the CCIE security exam in Spoto. So go check them out to find more.

The whole lab security exam is about 8 hours, and the whole exam is separated into three main modules. All those modules include some troubleshooting. The troubleshooting is the first module. The second one is the Diagnostic module, and the final and third one is the Configaration module.

But there are certain kinds of specialized devices that you may need to do some experiment and measurements.

But you can access all those devices in the lab section, and the lab is far from the main written exam. But to attain the CCIE security exam, you need to go to some specific location to attain the lab security Exam. Like:

  • Dubai
  • Hong Kong
  • San Jose
  • Sydney
  • Brussels
  • RTP, USA

So as you can see, the whole CCIE exam is very complex, and you can access the exam is certain locations in the world. But the person who passes the CCIE exam some extra reputation, and they know the security matters in the IT section. The CCIE Security exam can open up many possibilities and some of the key things. If you think that you can pass the exam, you have to work hard and have a great idea about IT security. So prepare yourself for the exam if you are interested. The certificate can open up many possibilities and opportunity for your future. You can apply for more highly rated jobs and work for a renewed company after getting this prestigious certificate. So don’t waste any time and give your best efforts for this special certificate.

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