When should one get their glasses reglazed?

Everything pocket friendly with reglaze glasses

Glasses being an important part of your everyday life, one must make sure to choose a pair that speaks of the best of one’s needs and styles.

But there are high eyecare requirements that ask for a constant change for prescription in the lenses and even for protective coatings.  

One is always free to experiment with the best of their looks and styles, it is always better to have more than one frame.

But what happens when you are on a sudden monetary crunch or you are unwilling to give up on your favorite frame yet you need a complete prescription change? 

Reglazing your favorite pair 

If you are among the one who requires constant change in prescription but still wants that one favourite pair of yours then reglazing is the right opinion for you.

Now, what are reglazing glasses? Reglaze glasses are a short form so you can keep your favourite glasses and can replace the lenses.

It is one of the easiest ways where one can actually save at some cost when it comes to fulfilling your eyecare requirements. 

And if you are among the ones looking for a one-stop solution for all your eye care needs, then there is no other place to be than Specscart.

They have specialised in reglazing the glasses with the best of the choices and keeping them super pocket-friendly. 

Benefits of reglazing glasses 

There are several benefits that are associated when it comes to reglazing glasses. Sticking to your favourite glasses is never a bad option, and this time along with fulfilling your wish to keep up with the fashion trend, one must also focus on how to keep the best of the care for eyes. When do you need to get your lenses reglazed?

To replace broken lenses: There are high chances that you might break your lenses just by accidentally sitting on them! Have you ever thought of such a situation? Well, it is quite common, and you just have to get your broken lenses replaced and keep your favourite frame on. 

Prescription update: If you are among the one who pays regular visits to their optometrist for check-ups then reglazing is right in the option for you. A constant prescription change is best tackled with the reglazing of the glasses. 

Updated protection coating: It is never too late to look after eye care needs and a protective coating for your eyes and lens is a must-go. This might be your calling to get an anti-glare or UV or blue light lens to provide the ultimate cover to your eyes. In fact, an anti-scratch coating to prevent the lens from natural wear and tear is also important. 

Pocket-friendly: One major reason to switch to reglazing glasses is that it is quite pocket-friendly. One does not have to go on finding some pair of frames just to get a change in prescription. All one can do is keep in their old frame and have an absolute pair of new lenses for the same, saving your cost for a new pair of glasses. 

Environmental friendly: The method is considered to be quite environmentally friendly, where you do not have to throw in your old frames in order to buy a new one (well there is always an option to keep them all). Apart from that, they are also responsible for reducing the effects caused even by the recycling of the frame. Recycling is always considered to be one of the environmentally friendly methods but it still does have some effects when it comes to carbon emission. Reglazing the glasses completely eliminates any such harmful effects.  

Keeping track of your eye test

We might have almost convinced you into getting your next glasses reglazed, and along with that, it is important for one to get their eyes regularly checked.

Getting one’s eye tested does not depend upon the eye issues they have. It is important for one to have a routine eye check to ensure proper eye health and to avoid any unwanted future issues. 

When it comes to regular eye-check-ups there are no hard and fast rules to be followed. In fact, most people follow the instructions as per instructed by the experts.

If you are 60 or above, it is usually recommended to have a regular eye test, at least once a year, in order to detect any unwanted eye issues. Other than that one must at least get their eye tested once in 2-3 years.


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