EV Battery Adhesive & Tape Solutions

The EV battery range includes connection options with functional characteristics like flame retardant and dielectric strength. These solutions may be utilised for a range of applications such as hot flush, cell-to-cell, and compression pads. The new portfolio allows EP batteries and manufacturers to customise adhesives in order to remove treatment times and equipment with liquid adhesives. EV batteries are one of the automotive industry’s fastest-growing categories. Component makers need bonding solutions to satisfy their high performance requirements while optimising manufacturing. With the launch of this range, we are happy to expand on our experience in the automobile sector and in the specialist technology of flame retardant adhesives. EV battery range consists of a number of liner choices for single-coated, dubbed and transferable tape constructions. Manufacturers are able to tailor adhesive, shear and environmental resistance to battery package standards using a choice of adhesive chemicals (including acrylic, silicone and rubber). Flammable rear-facing adhesives are designed to link with the UL 94V-0 and other flammable rear-facing standards and to facilitate their compositions and materials. In order to reduce material vibration deterioration, radiant heat reflectance and flame-energy emission reduction in addition to the bonds, these single-coated and double-coated structures also include conductive, non-conductive characteristics. We provide flammability-reducing, dielectric strength and packaging protective technologies. With the evolution of automotive electrification, powerful designs of lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries focus on electric cars. While the designs of each battery system differ, the common performance targets are extended service life, operational safety, cost effectiveness and dependability for all car battery technologies. The solution is based on a UV cure adhesive and Covestro’s ultraviolet polycarbonate mix. As a result of a significant consumer drive to decrease prices for electric vehicles, highly efficient and economical Li-ion cell assembly for all automotive OEMs is a necessity. The battery assembly adhesives and UV-transparent polycarbonate mixing of AA 3663 are therefore included. These systems are designed for large volume automated distribution compatibility and feature versatile and quick curing processes. For usage by the cell holder, a specific flame retardant material has been designed for the acrylic adhesive. It gives strong adherence to the material and flexibility of the production during lengthy periods of opening and short cure cycles. We have the best EVB tape for you.

Reducing Flammability
FlameToughTM flame retardant adhesives made of Acrylic and Silicone that exceed UL® 94 V-0 and other flame standards allow the use of composites and materials.

Dielectric power boosting

Tapes that include dielectric films, single- and double-coated. The GB/T 1408,1-2016 and ASTM D3755 testing procedures are used to test our materials and adhesives for decommissioning voltage and dielectric strength requirements. If you are looking for BLU adhesive, please visit our site.

Pack Materials Protection

Single and double-coated tapes, together with simple release liners, offer dimensional stability and safeguard sensitive materials throughout the assembly.

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