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An Essay is a piece of academic writing on a particular subject, done by a student as part of their coursework. There are many amazing techniques to help you write better essays. But before that let us know something more about essays. It will help us understand the essay writing checklist.

There are many different types of essays, which include :

As a student, writing essays forms a huge part of your coursework. You will write essays in almost all academic disciplines. This means that Essay writing skills are a must have for any student worldwide. Writing a good Essay doesn’t come naturally, it takes a lot of practice to perfect the skill. You need to familiarize yourself with the different essay formats. You need to come up with a good topic for your essays. The topic usually depends on your area of study. So for example a sociology student would need to look for good sociology research topics online to write an award winning essay

The first page of an essay is usually the Essay cover page, commonly referred to as the title page. It contains information about the identity of the author, the title of the essay, the author’s institution, date of publication, and a running head. Cover pages are not mandatory; however different writing styles such as APA essay format require a cover page. A good cover page sets the tone for te rest of the essay and so is important to learn how to write excellent cover pages.


The title introduces the reader to the essay. You need to have a catchy title in order to captivate the reader’s attention. Most students get the title wrong, which results in the professor losing interest from the start. The surest way to write a good title is to include keywords that form the basis of the argument.

The next part of the essay is usually the introduction. An introduction is usually the first part after the title and in some cases the abstract. The introduction is usually the most important part of your essay as it conveys the information you want to pass on to the reader. Most professors and supervisors will judge your essay based on the introduction so it is important to get it right from the beginning. You can spruce up your introduction by adding catchy hooks for essays prior to the introduction

After the introduction comes the body of the essay. This is the main part of the essay as it expounds more on the title and introduction. The body contains the main arguments of the essay and how clearly you articulate them determines if the essay will be good or bad. You should lay out all your points and describe them one by one.

 After the body of the essay, comes the conclusion. The conclusion gives a brief summary of the points without repeating the body.  A reader should be able to read your conclusion and understand the point of the essay. If the essay is argumentative then the conclusion should sum up the closing argument. A well written conclusion makes the difference, however it doesn’t make up for a badly done body. It is therefore important to ensure that the arguments in your conclusion are in tandem with those of the body.


After you are done with the essay, you need to proofread and edit it. You can either choose to do it on your own or submit it to a custom writing service for the same. Grammatical errors can really affect your grade as they communicate that the student either is not proficient in the language or is just careless. While editing make sure all the citation styles chosen are followed to the latter. During the editing and proofreading stage, you need to check for plagiarism. Plagiarism may happen unintentionally and it is therefore important to check for it. Plagiarism is one of the deadliest mistake a student can make as the Paper is considered null and void if the plagiarism levels are unacceptable.

It is important to point out that you should at all costs avoid automatic essay typing websites.  A review of one of those websites, specifically essay typer shows that such websites are unreliable. Using them will negatively impact on your grades and should be avoided in totality. If you have to outsource essay help then let it be from reliable sources. If you are able to plan your time well you will not need to seek such help in the first place. A discussion group would be a great idea as you are able to critique each other’s work prior to submission. You can even proofread and edit each other’s essays.

This just but a few pointers on how to go about the daunting task of essay writing. While it may not be full proof, you should do more research on essay writing techniques. The so called PEEL paragraph is one of the surest ways of writing a great essay. If well applied the PEEL paragraph strategy can assist you write a winning essay.

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