Envelope Closure Pillowcase – A Pillowcase for your comfort

Who does not love to relax without facing any kind of annoyance? Often people get irritated and disturbed when the pillow comes out of the pillow cover. After a long tiring day when you will lie on your bed, you will of course not want to fix your pillows. This is why the envelope closure pillowcase is the perfect choice to minimize the struggle you face with the open one.

The main confusion arises when people are given to choose one among the many types of pillowcases. Well, are you thinking about going for both comfortable and stylish designs? Then you will make the right choice if you go for an envelope closure pillowcase for your pillows in your bed.

Types of Pillowcase

Now, the thing that might roam around your mind is the pillowcase closure types. Along with the envelope closure pillowcase, the other types are drawstring closure, zipper closure, and an open-end closure type.

The drawstring closure pillowcase is one of a comfortable type. It is easy to tuck pillows into such a type of cover and also easy to put out. It is more like an elastic type and more common for tube or round pillows.

Another type of pillowcase closure is the zipper-type where a zipper is used to open and close the pillowcase. At the end of the pillowcase, a zipper is attached and this type is mainly comfortable for big pillows.

The most common type of pillowcase that everyone is familiar with is the open-end closure type pillowcase. In this type of pillowcase, one end remains open and the end side is quite wide. The reason behind the wide opening is the easy tuck-in process of the pillow. That means you can easily tuck in the pillow without any kind of struggle or ripping of the pillowcase.

Envelope Closure Pillowcase
Envelope Closure Pillowcase

The last but not the least type is the envelope closure pillowcase which is at a superior position among all the types. You can find some problems while using the other types but the envelope closure is the one with the least problems. Keep your eye on this whole article to know all about envelope closure pillowcases along with their use and benefits.

What is the Envelope Closure PillowCase?

Until now, many of you might have no idea that there are also types in the case of pillowcases. Also, before reading this article, you might not even think of changing your pillowcase.

The main reason behind this hype is the tucked-in feature of the envelope closure pillowcase. The pillow does not come out and remains tucked in like an envelope. As the pillow remains tucked inside the pillowcase, it provides a top-notch finished look.

Why Choose Envelope Closure Pillowcase

Usually, the normal pillowcase that you use is opened on one side. Sometimes people also use zipped pillowcases but are they really useful? Once in a while, it is obvious that you have struggled with your pillowcase. Because in the case of one side open pillowcase, the pillow has the tendency to slide off from the cover.

Now, you might think that if the open-end pillow comes out easily then I will use the zipper type. Well, to be honest, the zipper closure is not a bad option at all. But the struggle that you might face is with the zipping of the pillowcase.

The tendency of the zipper getting damaged easily makes the zipper closure type pillowcase less reliable. This is why it is better to go for an envelope closure pillowcase to keep you away from all kinds of hassle.

Why Choose Envelope Closure Pillowcase
Why Choose Envelope Closure Pillowcase

Now, are these the only benefits that an envelope closure pillowcase can offer? Obviously No! It is so surprising that an envelope pillowcase could bring so many benefits at a time. After knowing the benefits, you will immediately start using this type of pillowcase after knowing about its benefits.

Envelope closure pillowcase and its benefits

You might wonder what are the benefits you will get from the envelope closure that you might want to change your regular pillowcases. Well, this type of pillowcase comes with a lot of unique benefits that might amaze you immensely.

The first benefit that it will provide is getting you rid of the peeking out of pillows. Almost all kinds of pillows either large or small have the tendency to peek out from the cover. This does not make a good impression on the looks of your bed.

The bed looks messy when the pillows are not in their right cases. If the pillows are not covered fully then the pillow end comes out and it looks odd.

Setting up the pillow in its right position is not the only job to make your bed look good. You also have to look at whether the pillows are properly tucked in the pillowcase or not. In order to avoid a messy bed, it is important that the pillows remain tucked inside the pillowcase. This sounds like a lot of struggle, right? The envelope closure pillowcase will get you rid of this struggle and help you to make your bed look more aesthetic.

The second benefit that you will get from the envelope closure pillowcase is the no sliding-out feature of the pillows.  I am quite sure that you have faced a lot of situations where your pillow slides out of its cover. It is a common situation but you will never face this sliding-off problem with envelope closure pillowcases.

The ends of the envelope closure pillowcase are closed and this prevents the pillows from sliding off. Usually, the pillows have the tendency to shrink a bit after using them for a while. And this is the reason the pillows are used for 5-6 times it gets slid off from the cover. But switching to the envelope closure pillowcase will get you rid of this problem.

There are cotton envelope pillowcases that are quite beneficial in many ways. There is a lesser chance of the pillowcases getting twisted when envelope one is used. There is a European envelope pillowcase that is of top-notch quality and makes your bed look good by not getting twisted.

Envelope closure pillowcase and its benefits
Envelope closure pillowcase and its benefits

It is not a pleasant view to look at when you see that the pillowcase is twisted. While sleeping it is common that people will move around and snooze. This makes the pillow move inside the case and this makes the pillowcase twist. But with an envelope closure type, you will not have to face this problem and can sleep without worrying about the pillowcase.

The third and the most important benefit that you will get from this closure-type pillowcase is the anti-wrinkle feature. Who likes wrinkles and foldings on their pillowcase? I guess none of us will prefer to decorate the bed with a wrinkled pillowcase. When you use pillows while sleeping the pillows have the tendency to move inside the cover. This movement causes wrinkles.

So, this is a benefit that you will get from the envelope closure pillowcase and give a good look to your bed. The wrinkles on your pillow cover are not normal and this causes skin problems. They become hard for our skin and when we move while sleeping. So, our skin cannot tolerate the roughness of the pillowcase caused by the wrinkles.

Hence, it is important to buy an envelope pillowcase so that you get the utmost benefits from your pillowcase.

Tips and Tricks to maintain a Good Relation with Your Pillowcase

Buying an envelope closure type pillowcase will not end your duties. You have to maintain and follow certain things so that you could use one pillow cover for a long period. There are envelope closure pillowcase tutorials that will help you learn some tips to make your pillowcase sustain long. Here are some tips that you might find easy to follow as well.

  • Wash your pillowcase often: It is important that the pillowcase you use is washed at a certain interval of time. Do not wait too long to wash your pillowcase because it will be harmful to your skin. While you sleep, oil gets released from both your hair and skin. Oil getting attached to the pillowcase makes it dirty.
  • Be careful of the fabric type: It is important to look at the fabric type of your pillowcase as sustainability and comfort depend on it. Also, the cotton fabric will help you to keep dry and cool while you sleep. Envelope pillowcase amazon is easy to purchase and you will find more comfortable options also.
  • Keep your pillowcase away from oils: It is important that your pillowcase does not get contaminated with oil or else it will look like grease. Also, the pillowcase will stink if it gets attached with oils and not washed for a long time. This is also not good for your skin as the oils might cause irritation to your skin.

The Best Type of Envelope Pillowcase

You will find many types of pillowcases with varieties in qualities but which ones are the best? It is obvious that you want something that is comfortable and long-lasting as well. But how to find one? People often get confused when the topic comes to the quality of the envelope closure pillowcase.

Comfortable fabric is the first thing that you should always go for while buying an envelope pillowcase. Cotton fabric has always been the best option rather than choosing a silk or linen fabric.

The silk fabrics on envelope pillowcases can be used for special occasions or for temporary decoration purposes. But for regular use, I do not think there is an alternative to a cotton envelope pillowcase.

Also, a fabric with lightweight quality is necessary so that you can sleep in peace with your pillowcase. Also, heavy fabrics will cause sweat and will be uncomfortable to sleep with. Getting a sound will not be possible with heavy fabric that makes you sweat. It is important that you choose such a type of fabric that will not absorb moisture and keep you dry.


What is envelope closure on the pillowcase?

The cover that gives an envelope style to your pillow with an easy tuck-in system is the envelope closure pillowcase. You can either buy one or can easily sew this type of pillowcase at your home. The overlapping back of the envelope-type pillowcase helps in easy tuck-in and stops the pillow from coming out.

How do you make an envelope pillow cover with one piece of fabric?

You can easily make one and the first step that you have to follow is to wash the fabric before cutting it. After cutting it, find the smaller end of the fabric to create a double-fold hem. Then in order to size the fabric with your pillow, you have to overlap the fabric and sew a ½’ seam. The last step is trimming and flipping the fabric.

How much do you overlap envelope pillows?

Here, we will tell you the overlap measure of an 18 x 18 pillow and with that, you can measure the other size also. After cutting the fabric with an 18.5 inches rectangle you can make a 6-inch overlap of your pillowcase.

How do you measure the fabric for a pillow?

It is not a hard step to take the measurement of your pillow if you know the accurate steps. Figuring out the rectangle is the next step after getting the pillow dimension. Then with that proper size, you have to add 1 inch to the height so that seam allowance gets easy and then multiply the length by 2. The last step would be a summation of 6 with the result.


With the interest of following the trend and also for the recent hype, people are shifting towards envelope closure pillowcases. There is no doubt that such a pillowcase will bless you with many benefits with a sound sleep. People are finding their solutions to many problems with this envelope pillowcase.