English courses in Canada – Benefits, How to Apply, Preparation in 2021

English is the second most popular language in the world, after Chinese. By 2020, English is regularly used by about 20% of the world’s population. According to statistics, the average income of residents of post-Soviet countries who are fluent in English is no less than twice that of those who speak only their native language.  But why are we even talking about English courses in Canada? Can’t our native teachers teach us?

And if you want to better understand the world, build a career, expand your business, travel – you definitely need to find a good language school for yourself and your children. Finding a teacher for English is not a problem, but if you want to speak quickly and without cramming, then we recommend English courses in Canada.

Some of the Best courses that you can try at home before investing a lot:

Benefits of taking English courses in Canada and features of training

Studying abroad is usually expensive. But if we are talking about taking English courses in Canada, then there is no need to be afraid of exorbitant prices – in comparison with the USA and Great Britain, studying here is up to two times cheaper.

For comparison, an intensive program for an adult in a prestigious Moscow school will cost 20-25% less than in Toronto. But in terms of efficiency, foreign courses will turn out to be head and shoulders above the local ones, if only thanks to the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the language environment.

English courses in Canada
English courses in Canada

For a child, a summer linguistic camp in another hemisphere is the gateway to a completely new life. Due to the fact that children learn faster than adults – they absorb knowledge like a sponge – a student can literally integrate into the English-speaking environment in a few weeks. An important plus – graduates of language courses within the country have more chances to become a student of local secondary and higher schools, including receiving a scholarship or grant to partially cover the cost of training.

Perhaps the main difficulty in applying for language courses in Canada for any of the outsiders is the difficulty in obtaining a visa. The country is reluctant to issue visas to tourists, it is easier for students, but also not without delays. Therefore, to save your time and nerves, it is better to select and enroll in English courses in Canada with our help: we will help with a visa, submitting documents, preparation, living abroad for the duration of your studies.


The cost of language courses in Canada varies with respect to: who is studying, where, with what level he enters and what he wants to achieve during his studies. Children are the cheapest to learn. Language camps at schools, as a rule, are cheaper than independent courses and specialized centers. It will be slightly more expensive to study directed, for example, to take a course drawn up strictly to prepare for entering a university or passing an interview in an international company.

The Chancellor works with several schools and training centers that offer face-to-face English courses in Canada. Among the options that we can offer are our full board and non-accommodation options. In the second case, we are also ready to take care of the accommodation during your stay in the country, if necessary.

For children whose parents want to send in the future to receive education in one of the English-speaking countries of the world, we will select English courses in Canada with additional adaptation in the socio-cultural environment of the country. Being surrounded by English-speaking teachers and educators helps the child to start talking faster, get used to the perception of speech by ear, learn the accent, and master the spoken vocabulary.

How to apply + preparation

It is generally easy to enroll in English courses in Canada.

For those who already have international certificates confirming the level of proficiency, the admission procedure is as follows:

  1. Submit an application with a certificate of your current language proficiency attached.
  2. To get approval.
  3. Conclude a contract remotely.
  4. Apply for a visa (a short-term or long-term student visa is sufficient, depending on the duration of the courses).
  5. Fly to the country at the start of the training course.

Those who have not previously taken certification exams may find it a little more difficult when applying. Depending on who conducts the courses: school, training center or university, the applicant may be asked to take an entrance test. This is not necessary to screen out candidates, but solely for a correct understanding of the candidate’s knowledge base for entry.

How long will it take to learn a language, again, a question of goals and the level of knowledge available. Usually, one to two weeks of intensive practice is enough for those who have at least a stable Pre-intermediate level to talk. It will take longer to study from scratch. Happy owners of good English who need to deepen their knowledge may take 10 days to significantly expand their vocabulary and master new nuances of conversational practice.

According to the duration and focus of the courses, their cost is also formed: count on a price of at least 350 Canadian dollars per week of language learning, excluding support costs.

Prospects after graduation

After completing their studies at the language courses in Canada, graduates receive the appropriate certificates, as well as sufficient knowledge to pass the exams for international IELTS and TOEFL certificates.

At specialized courses, aimed at those wishing to enter an English-speaking university or pass an interview in an international company, they give specialized exercises for effective preparation. Coupled with immersion in the language environment, the effectiveness of such training is higher than that of individual study with a tutor.

Accommodation and meals in Canada

You can live in Canada while studying in a language course in a hostel or separately – depending on the conditions of the host educational institution. Minors, as a rule, are accommodated in hostels or placed in host families, where adults look after them. Adult students can choose their own accommodation option. But the prices, if you settle in a hotel or take your own apartments for short-term rent, can be quite impressive. Therefore, it is advisable for those wishing to minimize expenses to look for courses with full board, moreover, it is not difficult to find such courses.

Useful tips and interesting facts

  • Among those who come to Canada to study, the practice of settling in the Host Family is widespread – guest families. Most often, minors are lodged in this way. According to the reviews of those living in the host families, the attitude towards children and adults from abroad is very positive and friendly there.
  • Prices in large cities of the country are lower than in the United States, with a comparable level of service across the board. Therefore, residents of non-English-speaking countries often prefer Canadian language courses to American ones, because they do not like to overpay.
  • Certificates and diplomas of completion of language courses in Canada increase the child’s chances of quickly entering any private English-speaking school in the world.

Why exactly “Chancellor”

Finding English courses in Canada for yourself or your child is half the battle. The complex process of obtaining a visa, admission, paperwork, especially if you want to settle in a guest family – you will have to overcome all this on your own, and it may not work out the first time. The fact is that it is preferable for Canadians to work with outsiders through intermediaries: it is easier with registration, confidence in the adequacy of the student, a simplified procedure for obtaining entry documents – this and so on is important not only for those wishing to learn a language abroad but also for the host country.

So, now we hope that you have a brief idea about English courses in Canada and why you should go for it. If you have any further query related to this, pls let us know in the comments section.

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