Embroidery Vs Printing – Which Is Best For Workwear?

When it comes to making the decision between going with embroidery or screen printing for workwear it can be somewhat complicated and a number of factors need to be considered in order to come to the correct decision. The factors that need to be considered include the following things:

  • The type of garments – it is important to consider the garment material (e.g. viscose, cotton, silk etc.) and how thick the workwear is. For example, where branding needs to be put onto a garment such as a softshell coat, it is important to remember that these often have coatings on them which when printed onto can cause the colours to leach over time. Despite this not being true for all copats, in order to ensure greater longevity of the garment, it is always best to go with the embroidery option.
  • What the garments are used for – for the best quality effect where a logo is clear and easy to read from distance, then go with printing. This is the perfect option when using workwear to advertise / promote a business. To obtain a highly professional look, try embroidering a logo onto the chest of a garment. Where a large number of garments need branding put onto them, then printing is the quickest and most cost effective option.
  • The size and position on the branding – the bigger that a logo is, the more expensive it is to have it embroidered onto workwear (it is about four times more expensive than printing). So for bigger logos, go with printing instead. Where a logo is put onto a garment that is only one layer thick then the position has a direct impact on whether to go with embroidery or printing. This is because the underside of embroidery can be rough and irritating and so it should not be used when the logo is going somewhere such as on the back or neck.
  • The type of branding – for more simple logos that do not obtain much fine detailing and that do not include small text, then printing is the best option. This is because embroidery does not achieve the same results and the text becomes unclear. Where the opposite is true, embroidery is the better option of the two.
  • The industry the garments are used in – in some certain industries, workwear needs to be washed at very high temperatures. This can have a damaging effect on printed branding as the heat can crack the branding and cause it to start peeling away. For this reason, always go with embroidery where workwear needs to be washed at a high temperature. 

Having considered each of these factors and come to the decision that embroidery is the best option for the workwear of a particular business, then get in contact with Portland Oregon embroidery as they can help you with this. With embroidered workwear businesses look more professional and help their workers to feel more of a team, thus providing a better service to customers.

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