Electric bike: Some things you need to know about it!

Can you imagine making your leisure moments even more peaceful and pleasurable? For this, many people are investing in a trend that is here to stay: the electric bike. Also called e-bikes or ecological bikes, they are modern and formed by several mechanical parts common in traditional models.

The difference, however, is that they have an electric motor and even a battery. Today, wholesale electric bikes are circulating in large numbers in our country, allowing many people to have their own dream ebike. 

Electric bike: Some things you need to know about it!

And an interesting point is that the sales of this means of transport do not stop growing. Not for less: by investing in the idea, it is possible to enjoy numerous benefits, in addition to having a compact and versatile vehicle by your side.

Exactly for this reason, we decided to bring to today’s post some relevant information about the electric bike. Follow and stay in the loop!

What is an electric bike?

Currently, much has been said about the electric bike, but the truth is that little is known about this novelty. Let’s go: basically, the option consists of a bicycle model that has a differential: battery and electric motor integrated in the vehicle. Such details serve to improve the propulsion of the equipment, making the moment of pedaling lighter and more comfortable for the user.

A curiosity is that this invention has not emerged now. On the contrary: the first patents appeared at the end of the 19th century. In the year 1895, for example, Ogden Bolton Jr. created a motorized and gear-free model capable of reaching up to 100 amps on a 10v battery.

In the 20th century, other models emerged. One of them was that of Jesse D. Trucker, who developed an engine composed of internal gears. The option allowed the vehicle’s wheel to be completely free, allowing the individual to pedal without or with the help of the electric part.

Time passed and, in the 1990s, this innovation gained other resources. This is the case for touch sensors, as well as power controllers. After that, there was no other: the electric bike was, little by little, conquering its space in the market.

This scenario became even stronger with the technological advance, which made it possible to reduce the price of its parts and other incredible ways to recharge the battery. One of them, for example, is through solar energy.

The electric bike these days

Nowadays, the electric bike market only grows — not only in the national territory, but also in other countries. According to a survey carried out in 2020 by Aliança Bike, the segment experienced a real boom during the pandemic. For example, Haidong Bike as one of the largest manufacturers of ebikes in China received a large number of requests last year.

Electric bike: Some things you need to know about it!

How does it work?

Before purchasing an electric bike, it is extremely important to know how this vehicle works. Well, as said, they work with the help of an electric motor and a battery, which serve to help the individual to propel.

Thus, the battery acts to power the engine. Meanwhile, the user is responsible for controlling the power level that the system will generate. This process can be performed using a controller normally installed on the handlebars.

Importantly, there are two ways in which power can be transmitted from the trigger point to the bike. The first is the electro-assisted pedal, and the second is the throttle control. In inversions with the pedal-assisted system, the person controls the intensity of assistance that the system will provide, making it only come into action when starting to pedal.

In this case, the engine will amplify the vehicle’s power, ensuring a lighter and more natural experience, as well as giving the impression that your legs are extremely strong and powerful.

What are the components of an electric bike?

Although there are a number of electric bike models on the market, most of them have the same components. It is essential to know more about each one in order to make a satisfactory purchase. Come on!


The electric bike motor can appear on the rear wheel, front wheel or built into the bottom bracket area. When it comes to power, the ideal is to invest in versions with at least 250 W. With this measure, you already enjoy good pedal force to walk on different types of terrain. It is still nice to point out that there are two models of engines on the market. The brushes, which have brushes; and brushless ones, which are brushless. The latter is most used because it is very quiet, resistant and offers excellent efficiency.


Obviously, the battery is a high point in the composition of the electric bike. During your search, we suggest opting for the lithium-ion alternatives — ideal system to make the part withstand many recharges. Nor can we forget that these options have less weight, long durability and are hardly addictive. Just keep an eye on some details such as autonomy and charging time. Charging times of less than six hours and with low mileage ranges will likely harm your pedaling and interfere with pedal performance.


Consider your needs! Of course, you should analyze your needs when purchasing an electric bike. As there is a wide variety of options on the national market, it is likely that its components will undergo some changes. Still, most options have, in addition to the motor and battery, a good control panel. Through it, it will be possible to monitor the vehicle’s load and its power level.