Effects of different pollutions on men’s health

Pollution can take many forms: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we use to grow our food, the lit-up skies and even the increasing noise we hear every day can all contribute to health problems and a lower quality of life with major disruptions and effects on wildlife and ecosystems .In the news headlines, it is often quoted that men’s health is in a crisis and the next pandemic can be of the male population. To some extent doctors also give a green signal to this research. But what is it that really is a threat to the male population? Some say that the reason is irregular food habits, while some say it is the bad temperament that leads to various disorders. But one reason that has to stand out is the exposure to pollutions. Each type of pollution degrades health in its own way. To know more about the harsh effects of pollution on men’s health read the full article.

Air Pollution

The most common and most common pollution that has caused more deaths than any pandemic is air pollution. The list is endless of how destructive it is. From attacking the breathing system to your mental health, its effects can be seen in every action which you make. The main sources of air pollution are vehicular emissions, gaseous wastes from chimneys of factories, smoking and many more. These are the sources to which we are exposed almost every day in our life without recognizing the damage that possesses on our health.


Smoking induces carbon monoxide (CO) in the bloodstream making it difficult for other organs to suffice. Carbon dioxide is known as the silent killer because it extracts the oxygen from the blood thus making the organs and tissues deficient in oxygen. In extreme situations, this deficiency can lead to death as well. Several studies have shown regular exposure to gaseous pollutants deteriorating in thinking and creativity skills. It also leads to the contamination of blood that reaches the organs. Asthma, migraine, Erectile Dysfunction and blood cancer and lung cancer are some of the havocs caused due to air pollution.

Water Pollution

After air pollution contaminated water is something which a common man experiences daily. In populated metropolitan cities, water shortage is a global burning issue that needs to be dealt with scientific precision. This water shortage has led to the contamination of our rivers by discharging factories sewage without treatment. Hence, this untreated sewage decreases the oxygen content of the water, making it almost incapable of drinking.


The most common diseases due to water pollution are typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery and hepatitis etc. Contaminated water disturbs the entire ecosystem of society and living beings. Just understand the chain which is contaminated, when the groundwater deteriorates the fertility of the soil is also decreased. Hence, the crops which grow in the soil too will have negative elements that will harm the people that consume them. Nitrates and lead are present in abundant quantities in such eatables. These microelements when entering inside the body cause damage to the tissues and making them less effective. Too much lead in the food that results in tumours and blood cancer.

Sound Pollution

For the perfect working of the human where every organ works to its full potential, peace and calmness are required. This calmness and peace around are destroyed due to frequent honking of vehicles many times which is unnecessary at all and factories and mills which are built in residential areas. Factories and mills are production centres hence, they cannot be stopped but instead, they should be kept away from the residential population.


Reckless and illiterate people keep honking even in front of hospitals. This shows their less awareness about civic amenities. This unnecessary honking is beyond the normal sound levels to which a person should listen. High levels of decibel for a long time affect the mental state of the person.

The blood pressure is elevated which leads to hypertension, swelling of the nerves, high blood pressure and lack of sexual drive. It makes the person become a regular consumer of Fildena 100 or Cenforce Tablet for achieving the libido. Now, see how a simple honking habit of yours has troubled the lives of millions. It makes the victims fall into anxiety and depression due to a lack of mental composure.

So, what is the solution?

Now, what stands in front of us is the mess and we cannot afford to sit and watch it. To overcome the solution, we must find a way. The solution is not a single word but a chain of reforms that need to be taken. Or else the men have to continue to check out Vidalista 20 mg at Powpills.com

For clean water, it is important to treat the liquid waste from the factories in a treatment plant. Where the waste is concentrated and the water that is discharged in the rivers is devoid of any contamination. This will ensure the groundwater become pure and simultaneously the crops will also get mineral-rich water.

Chimneys must also remove gaseous pollutants like sulphur dioxide, lead and carbon monoxide before ejecting them into the atmosphere. Above all such steps, the most important is acknowledging the problem and creating awareness about it.

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