Effective Screening For Analyzing The Candidates’ Communication Skills

Are you looking to hire upskill candidates to match the required communication skills? Assessing communication skills plays an important role during the hiring process, especially in customer-facing tasks. These skills are most necessary for sales and customer support.

In the modern-day, most industries like BPO, financial services, international trade, education services as well as many others have been looking for candidates with the best workplace communication skills. Mercer | Mettl Communication Assessment Tests is one of the best options for the recruiting team to assess the candidate. It is convenient to conduct the communication skills test to analyze the candidate’s skill level.

Need For Communication Skills Test

In the modern-day, the Automation-led next-generation IT sectors have been delivering the amazing BPO, IT as well as and consulting services. Based on a recent report, the sector has generated more than USD793 million. The technology has helped the clients extensively achieve greater operational excellence.

Advancement in the Cloud and Automation sector has been striving to the excellence with power of human-machine collaborations. Many companies are also driven by passionate teams, healthy cultures and robust strategies. The hiring process is also made simple with the communication-based skills test, and it is a convenient option for easily improving the process.

Skills tests are helpful for assessing more than thousands of candidates concurrently while filtering the candidates at scale with communication skills. The process helps to easily move away from the subjective opinions toward the complete objective evaluations. Now you can easily hire people with amazing communication skills for all kinds of customer-facing roles and other roles.

Upskilling And BPO Readiness

With the use of amazing communication skills assessment, it is easier to test the workforce’s communication skills for upskilling. These are also suitable options for developing them based on the targeted plan. Mercer | Mettl Communication Assessment Tests is one of the amazing options especially suitable for easily improving the hiring process.

It is also a convenient option for hiring and upskilling the BPO workforce. These exceed the industry standard BPO readiness. The assessment tool provides the complete solution to save your time even without any hassle.

AI-Powered Tools

With the advancement in technology, it is a convenient option for easily improving the hiring process using the best communication skills tools. AI-powered Tools extensively suit the Industry-leading accuracy for the communication skills assessment. It is quite a significant option for easily improving the stability of evaluating the candidates. Mercer | Mettl’s intelligent voice assessment tool is one of the most amazing options for evaluating candidates based on their level of communication or speech.

  • Accurately Speech Recognition and Evaluation Technology
  • Tests candidates speaking along with listening skills
  • Questions are designed in various format
  • Comprehensions of numerous topics based on the business and finance, human interest, economics and more
  • Evaluation methodology incorporates with the CEFR guidelines
  • Designed by subject matter experts
  • Checks for the critical non-trainable errors
  • Evaluates comprehend written text quickly
  • Accurately evaluates candidates on level of speech
  • Powered by Carnegie’s patented

Assessing Candidates During The Campus Recruitment Process

In the modern-day, the company has been seeking a workforce exhibiting exceptional proficiency in languages such as English. Normally, the employees are required to be flawless in communication skills. These are a suitable option for easily handling the global clients as well as any external stakeholders.

Most companies are looking for communication skills tools for easily assessing the candidate all through the campus recruitment process. The main goal of the process is to test the ability of the candidate to easily receive and share the information. The process becomes much easier for recruiting the candidate in a more amazing manner.

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Writing Skills Simulator

Communication Assessment Tests also involve the Writing Skills Simulator, which is suitable for easily evaluating the ability of the candidate to write the essays or even comprehensive attributes. Normally, the auto-evaluated tool is helpful for checking spelling, vocabulary as well as grammar.

These would be suitable for indicating the readability of written text for a candidate in a more significant manner. It is a convenient option for assessing candidates’ ability to express their ideas and thoughts on most of the topics. The recruitment team could easily analyze the right candidate for the task.

Assess Spoken Language Competency In Recruitment

Spoken English assessment is quite an important part of the recruitment process and helps to easily screen the candidate for the particular job roles. Mercer | Mettl’s spoken English proficiency test is one of the best options for the employer to hire the candidate more efficiently. These assessments are also the perfect option for expressing ideas, opinions and views.

The spoke english assessment is the perfect way for the recruiter to easily analyze and improve the efficiency in screening the candidate. It also extensively increases collaboration at work.  Assessment is a more significant option for identifying the right candidate with the best fluency, listening, grammar skills as well as comprehension.

Listening Comprehension Assessments

Assessment tools are more efficient in evaluating the candidate for listening to the audio files and comprehending messages by answering the questions based on numerous attributes. These are also a convenient option for assessing candidates’ ability to understand audios in US accent as well as they are suitable options to decipher the information.

Verbal Ability Assessments

The Verbal Ability Assessment tool plays a significant option in easily evaluating the command in the English language. This involves checking the vocabulary, comprehension as well as grammar.

It is also helpful for testing the ability to communicate more efficiently by formulating any kind of grammatically correct sentences. The process is the perfect way to test the ability to use the biggest set of words. These are based on the various tones, the seriousness of the message, and context.


Communication Assessment Tests are helpful for the recruitment team for easily analyzing the skills of the person in a unique manner. These also ensure effective screening. It is convenient to add your own questions to the test or even bulk upload based on coding questions and more.