There’s no other place where you can be more comfortable than in your home. It’s always a pleasure to be where you belong with the people dear to you and the things you’re used to. It’s always a delight to make the house a lovely home wherever you turn your eyes to.

Many people, especially the ladies, the moms, the daughters, the sisters, enjoy decorating the house and making it much more beautiful. One of the ways they make that possible is through setting up a flower garden with a grow box from grobo and it will make your planting more easy and fast-growing. You can never go wrong with a garden filled with the allure and fragrance of blossoms! It’s so stress-relieving to have and to take care of them.

Flower gardens at home are definitely amazing treasures. They are advantageous in so many ways such as adding appeal to the house and making a family of nature-lovers!

However, for many people who are still wanting to start a flower garden at home, the challenge is deciding where it must be situated. True enough, you need some ample spaces and suitable spots where the flowers can be nurtured, so it’s quite crucial.

If you’re planning to begin with this, below is a list of 8 house areas where you can uniquely establish your flower garden. They go along with reasons why they are good plus some tips on how to sustain and improve them too!


You have seen this in dramas, in movies, in your neighbor’s vicinity, in house-turned-shop stores. One of the most common spots where people set up their flower garden is the house facade.

You can place flower pots of different sizes and can flex your fabulously designed collections for them to be easily seen! Flower vines are ideal to make arcs that emphasize the entrance to your home. Partnered with cute lamp posts, these flowers can be very catchy even at night! If ever you have some benches and other furniture on your house’s facade, you can decorate them using the flowers in your garden.

A flower garden on the house facade is perfect to make your house look and feel very nice and warm to people who live in it. Imagine going home to a relaxing sight of blooms after a long, tiring day at work! Your flower garden immediately embraces you with its eyeful of bliss! Even from a distance, surely, you cannot miss it!

Moreover, this makes your house very welcoming to your guests. Just from the house’s gate, they are already expecting good vibes as they see the lovely flower garden in front of your house. What an excitement even to those who are not really into flowers!

Your house reflects who you are, and with a flower garden on its facade, you express yourself in such a bright way. When you water your flowers, you can greet your neighbors passing by with a happy smile on your face.


This is probably another common house area where gardens are appropriate and can be easily manageable. Backyard flower gardens are best if you want your plants to gain less attention from passers-by and to have a more private gardening life.

The backyard may not be too big, but you can work on it wisely, so it can still be convenient and apt. When the backyard has vast space, it is very ideal for large potted plants with blossoms. It’s where bushes, small trees, and other flower-bearing plants that might grow big and tall can be most fitting. For people who do not want the facade of their house to be filled with plants and flowers to highlight the home design and features, a backyard flower garden is a top option.

Furthermore, in the wide backyard of your house, you can make the garden more interesting and creative by installing accessories and props such as flower carts, wagons, and wells. You have the freedom to make the flower garden as enchanted-like as you desire!

That’s the power of a backyard garden! You get to have a [somehow] hidden gem behind your house. It’s like a room you may visit when you feel down or sad, and your flower garden can cheer you up just by their glamorous presence.

When you have guests visiting your house, you can share with them this precious spot where your beloved flowers are located. Your house becomes fascinating and surprisingly impressive with a flower kingdom patched onto your house’s backyard.


Attaching flowers onto your house’s exterior walls, you can make your flower garden come to life! These walls are called sidings, and they are useful in a way you might have not immediately realized!

For a siding flower garden, you can choose to place your flowers on the walls themselves or just by them. If you pick the former, you have to make sure that the plants will not block windows. Ideally, plain walls are to be picked for hanging plants and potted flowers you would like to stick on the walls, but if there are windows, just be careful not to turn your plants into a nuisance. If the latter, then you just need to put them on the ground which will not require more effort than having flower pot holders actually installed to the walls.

In case you prefer a siding flower garden where the pots are attached on the wall through hooks, trellis, vertical hangers, pot cradles, and other tools and accessories for that purpose, work on creativity and cleanliness, so they won’t look tangled and messy. Of course, ascertain that they are fastened firmly to avoid falling caused by natural events and merely by hanging.

A siding flower garden is definitely one of the most artistic ways to adorn your house, turning it into a stunner and a head-turner! Not to mention, you can take more Instagrammable photos without having to leave your home!


Definitely, flower gardens are peerless wherever they are found. Aside from the fact that they add charm to your house, they help you reduce stress and bond with your family as you take care of your plants.

If your house is still under construction, you have the freedom to tell your home builders about your desire to have a flower garden and where you think you want it placed. In that way, the homebuilders can apply the custom home design that suits your need and taste.

It is very important that when you already have your flower garden at home, you know how to maintain it properly. Protect them from pests, and keep them safe during times of inclement weather. Clean your garden regularly or as needed. Talking to your flowers and plants can mitigate stress and can help them grow better! Flower gardens are the chums you never knew you needed!

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