5 New Dupatta Draping Styles For Patiala Suits

Gone are the days when people preferred dupattas to be short because the focus needed to be on the other elements of your dress. Dupattas have become the focal point. You can wear a plain kurta or Patiala and accentuate the whole look with a sequence dupatta. 

Today you can buy designer Patiala suits online that come with beautiful dupattas. Along with getting the right dupatta, your overall look depends on how you choose to wear your dupatta. And in this blog, we tell you some stylish ways to drape dupatta around your Patiala suits. 

5 New Dupatta Draping Styles For Patiala Suits
  • Drape It Around 

This is a stylish as well as a useful way to drape your dupatta around. You can drape it over your shoulder, keeping one length higher than the other. It works exceptionally well with linen or cotton dupattas. And during winter, this is a great way to look fashionable while Patiala suits keeping yourself warm. 

  • Let It Hang On Your Shoulder and Wrist 

It is a classic style that you can try and will never go out of fashion. On one side, let the dupatta hang on your shoulder in the front, and from behind, take the other end and bring it to the front and pin it around the wrist. This is a perfect style for all those women who have a hard time managing the dupatta. With both the end being pinned and secured, you can be care-free and do your work without any hassle. 

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  • Let It Flow On The Side 

For an easy, care-free, yet stylish look, you just let your dupatta flow across one side. Pin your dupatta on one side and let it fall across your arms. It’s one of the great ways to highlight the dupatta, and plain Patiala suits look. This style will allow you to flaunt the detailing of your suit as well as dupatta. 

  • Elbow Style 

For Patiala suits that have heavy work, people tend to keep the dupatta basic. And to accentuate the beautiful details of your suit, you can choose this simple dupatta draping. Although it is a signature style with lehenga, it works excellent with suits as well. All you have to do is throw the dupatta to the back of the body and bring it back over the forearm or elbow. 

  • High Neck 

This is the go-to dupatta draping style with Patiala suits. It looks fashionable and helps in accentuating your curves in the suit. This 90s Punjabi dupatta draping style has always been popular. Pleat your dupatta, take it high up on the neck, and put it across your shoulder on both sides. 

Final Thoughts 

Ever since Patiala suits have been introduced, they have been a favourite among the women of the country. While a more popular style in North India, you can see women adoring Patiala suits in Southern parts as well. As time passed, new ways of wearing these suits have come up. And above are some of the dupatta styles that you choose to wear with your Patiala suit and make a strong style statement. 

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