Preventing Accidents on the Road

Despite the best situation, where nobody is hurt, a collision can result in severe property damage and higher insurance costs.

Fortunately, a skilled and experienced driver can frequently avoid an accident by adhering to defensive driving guidelines.

Defensive driving techniques aim to keep drivers safe and reduce collisions. Make sure to contact a Hartford personal injury lawyer to seek compensation following your car accident in Hartford. 

How to manage your speed?

There is a purpose behind why speed restrictions are set. Driving faster makes it harder to control your car, and accidents worsen.

When a collision does occur, speeding increases the likelihood that someone may die, with over 9000 deaths in 2019 alone. Although speed can be thrilling, it is just not worth it.

Reduce distractions

Accidents resulting from distracted driving are common knowledge. Even a brief interruption of your focus on the road can lead to catastrophe. Cell phone use while driving has become a significant issue in recent years.

Always quiet or turn off your phone and put it away before entering your car to avoid incentives to open it. Maintaining any sound at a low intensity is another recommendation to prevent distracted driving.

If your radio is excessively loud, you might miss crucial road noises like other cars honking or police and ambulance sirens. Visit this blog post on our website for more details about driving while distracted.

Safe following distance maintenance

Nobody likes being forced to follow a sluggish motorist. In these circumstances, most drivers will attempt to move the slower car next to one of them forward by riding very close to it.

This is known as tailgating, which almost always results in collisions since it rarely works as intended. Every car has a minimum stopping distance, so if you follow another car too closely, you could not have sufficient time to stop in case of a stop.

This is why it is crucial to maintain a safe distance between vehicles when driving behind other cars. To ensure that you have adequate time to respond to any stops, keep a 2-second distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

Breathtaking upkeep

Your car’s brakes are a crucial aspect of following distance. Disc brakes and rotors deteriorate with time and must be replaced to function correctly.

Poor breaks make responding to sudden stops in front of your car much more challenging and can easily result in accidents.

This is just one of the several good reasons to have your car serviced and examined frequently.


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